A big welcome to the City of Portland Oregon!

We are so pleased to welcome to the City of Portland Oregon for being the fourth subscriber to PDXProcurementSearch! The City of Portland is committed to giving business to small, emerging, minority owned and woman owned businesses. Their social equity contracting page shares more about their values and how they work to support MWESB businesses.… Continue Reading

Thank you to Port of Portland and Business Diversity Institute!

  On October 28th, 2015, Kimberly Mitchell-Phillips of the Port of Portland asked our founder, Steve Havelka, to speak about PDXProcurementSearch.com and OregonProcurementSearch.com at the BDI Breakthrough Breakfast. BDI stands for Business Diversity Institute. Thank you so much Kimberly Mitchell-Phillips, and thank you so much Port of Portland for this wonderful opportunity! We had a… Continue Reading

Check it out! We’ve been featured in the Portland Business Journal

Things are heating up for PDXProcurementSearch.com! The founder of PDXProcurementSearch, Steve Havelka, was interviewed by Jared Wiener of the Portland Development Commission, and featured in the Portland Business Journal on October 21st, 2015. We are so grateful to Jared Wiener for this opportunity to get the word out to small businesses on how PDXProcurementSearch can… Continue Reading

A Big Welcome to The City of Beaverton!

  We are so pleased to announce that The City of Beaverton Oregon is the third subscriber to PDXProcurementSearch.com! Each time an agency joins PDXProcurementSearch.com and OregonProcurementSearch.com, the world of discovering government contracts gets just a little bit easier for the average small business. Why?  Because instead of depending on separate marketing teams to get… Continue Reading

Welcome aboard to Portland State University!

I have such fantastic news! As of August, 2015, Portland State University is the second subscriber to PDXProcurementSearch.com, and the first university subscriber! This brings me joy, because I myself have studied at PSU, and all of my four siblings have graduated from Portland State University. PSU is a school dedicated to keeping college affordable… Continue Reading

How the City of Beaverton is supporting MWESB firms

Are you an MWESB firm wondering how to do business with the government? Some cities are more welcoming than others. The City of Beaverton is one of the most welcoming, inclusive cities I have come across so far. How? Read on. Recently I heard City of Beaverton Mayor Dennis Doyle speak at Oregon Association of… Continue Reading

Welcome Metro Regional Government!

Welcome Metro Regional Government!

Exciting news! As of this July 17th, Metro Regional Government will be coming on board to partner with PDXProcurementSearch.com, and we will start listing their procurement opportunities for MWESB firms. If you’re a small business, you can now find Metro’s procurement opportunities on this site. And if you’re a government agency, hey, we would love… Continue Reading

I had a fun meeting with Oregon State University!

Did you know that we not only have a website on PDX procurement search, but we also have a website called Oregon Procurement Search? To help get more procurement results in Oregon Procurement Search.com, I have been working to meet as many procurement people as possible in Oregon. I had a fun meeting with the… Continue Reading

I talked with a new business owner, and she said…

She was really frustrated! Why was she so frustrated? Her business is as a professional mediator and policy writer for agencies. She has already gotten a government contract, and she spent some time working inside of government, so she feels pretty savvy with paperwork and government processes. She registered her LLC, and then she registered… Continue Reading

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