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ESB D4 US20 (Hwy 33) MP 50.81 Crack Seal


Only Manual Bids Allowed

ODOT - Agency - Transportation Commission
Issued By
ODOT - Agency - Transportation Commission
ODOT Procurement Office MS#2-2
3930 Fairview Industrial Dr SE
Salem, Oregon
Contact Joanne Robinson
Phone 1 (503) 986-2665
Fax 1 (503) 378-2057
Email j​o​a​n​n​e​.​m​.​r​o​b​i​n​s​o​n​@​o​d​o​t​.​s​t​a​t​e​.​o​r​.​u​s​
Opportunity #
Addendum # 1
Publish Date & Time
07/10/2018 1:23 PM
Closing Date & Time
07/19/2018 3:00 PM
Time Zone
Pacific Time
Approx. Time Remaining
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Issued For
ODOT - Agency - Transportation Commission
ODOT District 3
Salem, Oregon

Addendum #1: While the closing date listed on the Request for Bids document (7/19) is correct, the date in ORPIN incorrectly stated 7/29. ORPIN has now been updated with the correct date.

Bids must be submitted by email no later than 7/19 at 3:00 pm.

Opportunity Summary
ODOT is seeking one qualified contractor to perform crack sealing in Benton County as specified.

THIS IS AN ESB-ONLY BIDDING OPPORTUNITY: This Request for Bids is restricted to qualified contractors who have been certified by the State of Oregon as an "Emerging Small Business" (ESB) per the guidelines of the Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID). Only Bids from certified ESB firms will be considered for award of this contract. To verify your certification, please contact COBID at (503) 986-0123.

Bidders shall provide pricing and other information on the forms provided. ALL BIDS ARE TO BE SUBMITTED BY EMAIL. Click on the Attachments Exist folder to download the Request for Bids (and attachments), which includes bidding documents and instructions.
Delivery Requirements
Complete by September 24, 2018 
Payment Terms
Net 30
(Not Applicable) 


Including all charges
US Dollars Only
Manual & Electronic response must express an interest. Manual response must 1st DOWNLOAD the document. Electronic Response [if allowed] – must express interest; select Respond Online & complete response. Instructions can be found in the HELP screens
Control Number: 2003944
Master File: ORPIN-101333-18