Project Title: ADVSD After Hours Consultants
Project #: RFPQ-19-2019
Issued by: Multnomah County view agency website
Publish Date: 8/10/2018
Due Date: 9/17/2018 This opportunity has closed.

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PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE There will be a pre-proposal conference for this Solicitation on August 22, 2018 at 9:30am in the Pine Room of Five Oak - 209 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR, 97204. Attendance is optional, but strongly encouraged. SERVICE DESCRIPTION, FUNDING AND CONTRACTING INFORMATION PURPOSE AND OVERVIEW The Multnomah County Department of County Human Services (DCHS), Aging, Disability, and Veteran’s Services Division (ADVSD) is seeking Suppliers from whom it may purchase ADVSD Helpline After Hours Consultant Services.  The Helpline, which operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (24/7), receives approximately 35,000 calls annually from consumers, family members and community partners (for example, emergency services, medical providers, businesses, etc.).  Of the 35,000 calls received per year, an estimated 6,000 are After Hours calls. Of the approximate 6,000 calls per year, approximately 1,500 calls require some kind of intervention from qualified consultants. The County is staffed with internal employees during standard County business days, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and wishes to contract with four After Hours consultants for the purpose of ensuring client safety and continuity of operations when ADVSD is closed: nights; weekends; County holidays; and emergency closures, such as inclement weather.  Often, the ADVSD Helpline is the first point of contact for those seeking services, and some calls received are crisis-related, thus require immediate follow up and response by an After Hours consultant. Some ADVSD services are tied to eligibility because of income or age, though many after hours interventions involve crisis, and are not attached to program eligibility. The primary role of the After Hours consultant is to assess the needs of callers and develop a safety plan until the next business day. Major service components include: advocating for adults with disabilities, seniors aged 60 and older, veterans, and/or their caregivers; conducting functional assessments, evaluating risk, and determining a case plan; identify abuse and neglect and develop a safety plan; conducting home visits in a multitude of settings to ensure safety; and writing detailed client narrative for next day follow up. INTRODUCTION AND PROGRAM HISTORY The ADSD Helpline has been operational for approximately twenty years. The Helpline also serves as a resource provider to callers regarding: Aging and Disabilities Resource Connection (ADRC); Abuse reporting; Transportation; In-Home Support; Housing; Food; Legal Help; Medicare Help; Free help for Alzheimer’s care giver; and Other issues related to aging and disabilities. GOALS, VALUES AND OTHER IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS ADSD is governed by the following Vision/Mission Statements, and Organizational Values, while striving to reach and serve un-served and under-served individuals: Vision: All seniors and persons with disabilities thrive in diverse and supportive communities;Mission: Promotes independence, dignity and choice in the lives of seniors and persons with disabilities; andValues: Integrity, respect, accountability, service excellence, collaboration, person-focused services and cultural understanding.   TARGET POPULATION SERVED The target population for the services outlined in this solicitation is adults with disabilities aged 18 and older, seniors aged 60 and older, veterans, and/or their caregivers living in Multnomah County. GEOGRAPHIC BORDERS/LIMITATIONS & SERVICE AREAS After Hours services are provided to the target population described above, or persons calling on their behalf, who reside generally within the geographic borders of Multnomah County. For the purpose of this RFPQ, consultants must be physically located in the Portland Metropolitan area to allow for a prompt response time. FUNDING Funding of the work described in this RFPQ is not guaranteed.  Fluctuations in funding year to year should be expected. The County cannot assure that any particular level of work will be provided and the contract will permit the County to add or remove work as necessary depending on availability of funding. MATCH REQUIREMENTS Not Applicable SCOPE OF SERVICES Multnomah County Aging and Disability Services seeks to contract initially with up to five (5) independent consultants to provide after hours follow up and response to calls received via the Helpline.  After Hours consultants are responsible for helping ensure safety of seniors, people with disabilities, and veterans outside of regular business hours (from 5:00 PM in the evenings to 8:00 AM in the mornings, all hours weekends and holidays).  After Hours consultants provide response to clients at a variety of locations including client homes, adult foster care sites and hospitals within Multnomah County. Consultants are expected to have immediate access to transportation that will ensure a prompt response.  After Hours consultants must have experience writing detailed narratives and experience in client assessment and crisis intervention with vulnerable older adults and people with disabilities. An in-depth knowledge of the aging and disability services system and related community resources within Multnomah County is highly desirable. Suppliers shall at a minimum demonstrate: Experience in client assessment and crisis intervention with vulnerable older adults and people with disabilities; Experience conducting functional assessments that capture acuity and level of care needed for seniors and/or adults with disabilities; Knowledge of the aging and disability services system, including but not limited to adult protective services, public guardianship, long term care, facilities, and community resources;   Liability insurance coverage which meets the County requirements as detailed in Insurance Requirements and Buyer Attachment Sample Contract Exhibit 2; Ability to assess Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as client mobility, toileting, eating and bathing; Experience gained in a variety of settings; examples include but are not limited to hospitals, mental health facilities, and community or facility case management;   Minimum of BA or BS degree with a preferred major in social science, psychology, social work, or related field, and minimum of five (5) years experience working with seniors and people with disabilities; Certification such as: LCSW, RN, qualified mental health professional, or similar credentialing required; in progress certification; or ten (10) years related experience substituted for credentialing; Ability to identify abuse, neglect and exploitation, and develop a safety plan as needed;   Ability to write detailed client narratives which are used for next day follow-up; Access to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliant equipment with technology to interface with ADSD systems, including a computer and cellular phone; Access to an automobile; and A clean criminal record as demonstrated through the ability to pass a criminal background check.   Suppliers are: Required to attend in-person monthly meetings to staff cases and work on system improvements; Required to have on-demand and immediate access to, and use of: A personal computer (PC) â€“ Note:  A MAC computer, or other non-PC will not substitute for a PC in this solicitation. See Minimum Requirements for a more comprehensive list; An automobile for immediate use; and A working, in-service, cellular phone or a mobile two-way interactive voice communication device that is accessible from the Portland metropolitan area. Note:   Any expenses (purchase, rental, maintenance, repair, installation, training, month-to-month, etc.) related to the identified equipment and services in the above bullet statements will not be considered for reimbursement to the Supplier.  Supplier will not be reimbursed for expenses relating to use of an automobile, such as mileage, gasoline, and/or maintenance/repair expenses for use of a vehicle. Suppliers are required to have proficient business knowledge of the use and application of the equipment/systems identified in this subsection. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS/JOINT PROPOSALS Only Proposals received from independent suppliers and or sole proprietorship entities will be accepted for this RPFQ. Joint Proposals (partnership and/or subcontractor arrangements) will not be considered for this solicitation. MULTIPLE OR ALTERNATE PROPOSALS Multiple or alternate proposals shall not be accepted for this solicitation. FISCAL REQUIREMENTS AND REPORTING Awarded Supplier (Consultant) will be required to complete and submit to the County a variety of reports and monthly fiscal invoices, such as their monthly Time Sheet Invoice Cover Sheet and Form to report completed work details.  The Time Sheet Invoice form is only available in Excel, and fiscal reporting must be input/completed in the Excel spreadsheet. See Attachment A – Time Sheet Invoice Cover and Form Sample. PERFORMANCE MEASURES/PERFORMANCE CONTRACTING Consultants are required to participate in the Department of County Human Service’s monitoring and evaluation activities.  Services programs will be evaluated by a number of means that could include: Consultant self-assessment and peer reviews; Monitoring and site visits; Compliance with reporting requirements; Compliance with contract standards and performance criteria; Performance in achieving client service outcomes; Client satisfaction surveys and complaint resolution processes; and Other quality assurance and evaluation processes as developed between the parties. Consultants will be required to provide to the County: Next business day reports of contacts with clients; Consultant report monitoring for accuracy; Monthly client self assessment reports and spot checks; Time sheet invoice cover and forms; Consultation with ADSD on-call manager for guidance on complex cases; and DCHS completion Certification of a mandatory online HIPAA examination. The Department of County Human Services requires its consultants to develop and maintain internal quality assurance and evaluation practices to determine the quality of their services, compliance with regulations, stability of operations, consumer satisfaction, and appropriateness of the services.  These practices are to include problem identification, problem resolution, and follow-up to assure that program improvements are sustained over time.Consultants must also create and maintain significant documentation, including basic demographics, intake assessment data, individual treatment plans with current updates to capture clinical contacts, patient rights statements and forms, test results, and referral follow-up. CONTRACT NEGOTIATION Once selected in the allocation process, The County will initiate contract negotiations with the Supplier.  Multnomah County may, at its option, elect to negotiate general contract terms and conditions, services, pricing, implementation schedules, and such other terms as the County determines are in the County’s best interest. If negotiations fail to result in a contract, the County reserves the right to terminate the negotiations and initiate contract negotiations with another qualified Supplier.  This process may continue until a contract agreement is reached. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS At the time of proposal submission, Proposers must meet the following minimum requirements. Failure to provide any of the required documents or meet any of the below requirements shall result in rejection of the proposal. The Proposal response must be received by Multnomah County Purchasing no later than 4:00 P.M. local Portland time on the proposal submission deadline. Proposer Representations and Certifications  The Proposer must certify that they agree to the Proposers Representation and Certification terms in the Pre-requisite page of the Sourcing Event. At the time of Contracting, Suppliers must meet the following minimum requirements.  Failure to provide any of the required documents or meet any of the below requirements may result in rejection of the proposal. Suppliers must be legal entities, currently registered to do business in the State of Oregon (per ORS 60.701), see; Supplier must provide to ADSD sufficient personal background information to allow ADSD to successfully initiate a criminal history check, where contracting with ADSD will be contingent upon passing of the criminal history check; Have the use of a personal computer (PC) (A MAC computer, or other non personal computers, will not substitute for a PC in this solicitation) with: Compliant software that will effectively interface with the County’s current software suite (currently, Microsoft@ Office Suite, 2003); Capability to interface with ADSD on-line systems; Capability to Fax; Ability to interface and use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) system; Client proprietary software; HIPAA compliant internet access; and Capability of Multnomah County connectivity. Supplier must be highly skillful and proficient in the use of MicroSoft Word and Excel, for creating/copying/formatting, and downloading electronic files, and have the ability to quickly and efficiently conduct Internet searches for data.  At a minimum, the proposer is expected to be able to use software commands to control business elements of creating and maintaining professional electronic presentations of data.  Use of, and professional level skill sets of other software may be required; Supplier must have the skill and ability to communicate (to/from) the County electronically using email, such as Google and shared calendars and documents; Supplier may be required to conduct electronic research for the County, use the internet to gather information, communicate with the County electronically, or provide electronic data files; and Other specifications or requirements not specifically noted in this RFPQ may be built into resulting contracts by the County to best fulfill DCHS needs for After Hours Consultant Services. Criminal History Check Suppliers are required to pass a criminal history background check before they are permitted to work with clients. Expenses related to a criminal history background check will be paid for by the County. Suppliers who have had a recent criminal history check, within the past five (5) years that was paid for by ADSD, will not need to have a new background check completed, if that recent check was judged satisfactory by the County. ALLOCATION PROCESS Entirely separate from this qualification process, ADVSD will initiate and award requirements contracts to those qualified suppliers who demonstrate the desired experience, skills, proficiency, certifications, and area of specialty that will best meet and match the needs identified in this solicitation.  ADVSD will conduct a rigorous funds allocation process to distribute available funds according to known system requirements and priorities. Allocations will only be made to suppliers who previously qualified under this RFPQ. The funding allocation process will be a formal one, requiring ADVSD to document their findings and determinations in writing that lead to specific funding allocations or to the continuation of funding allocations. Vendors may not protest funding allocation decisions.  Funding allocation decisions will be made from an overall County system of care perspective. Allocation priorities and selection criteria may include: Oral Interview by ADVSD Staff; County and Department strategic priorities; Overall system of care needs and deficiencies; RFPQ proposal information and evaluation input from the RFPQ raters; Supplier/system stability; Supplier experience; Confirmation of ability to meet requirements identified in Minimum Requirements Funder-imposed requirements or restrictions (i.e. non-profit, designated vendor, etc.); Specific population coverage; Services provided in client’s native language; Geographic service coverage; Coverage of specific treatment modalities; Customer feedback (Clients, referral sources, etc.); Client needs (including psychological needs) and trends; Supplier economy of scale; Past performance; Certification status; Other factors as deemed appropriate by the funding allocation team. Since the allocation process considers a variety of factors, funding may go to qualified Suppliers who did not earn the highest overall RFPQ qualification score. Therefore, it will be possible to qualify under this RFPQ process and not receive a funding allocation due to resource limitations and other factors. The Department cannot predict a case load for these services and does not guarantee any particular volume of business will be offered to any applicant who qualifies to provide services.After Purchasing provides written solicitation results to all Suppliers and with the completion of the separate allocation process by ADVSD, DCHS staff will contact the successful & qualified Supplier(s) who will receive an allocation for contract negotiations. The County will be awarding Requirements Contracts for these services. Requirements Contracts do not guarantee any level of funding and funding levels may change from year to year. All Suppliers seeking to provide services must submit a proposal and receive a minimum 70% of the total points possible in order to qualify. CONTRACT TERM Fixed term. The contract term shall be five (5) years. COMPENSATION AND METHOD OF PAYMENT Fee for Service. Payment will be made to the awarded Suppliers within 30 days via electronic payment through Automated Clearing House or by credit card via ePayables, upon completion and submission of required reports and monthly forms, after delivering services, and meeting milestones, etc.   An hourly rate of pay will be set at the time of Contract negotiation.Cost of Living Index/CPI. The County will endeavor to provide to its awarded contractors a cost of living wage adjustment, such as based on a local CPI index, upon the completion of the second (2nd) year (and possibly all subsequent years) of providing Consultant services under this RFPQ. Due to funding limitations, the County may not be able to provide this adjustment. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS The Supplier(s) awarded a Contract as a result of this RFPQ and the follow on allocation process will be required to provide the insurance described in the table below. Insurance Requirements are also described in Exhibit 2 of the attached Multnomah County Services Contract. Type of Insurance Amount Per Occurrence Aggregate Professional Liability $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability* $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $2,000,000 Sexual Abuse/Molestation Liability $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 Auto Liability** $100,000 $100,000 $300,000 Workers Compensation Required per ORS 656.017 *Commercial General Liability - the Certificate shall also provide that the County, its agents, officers, directors, officials, and employees are Additional Insureds with respect to the Supplier's services to be provided under this Contract. **Auto Liability can consist of Personal Auto policy with Business Use Endorsement


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