Project Title: Bridge Load Rating and Related Services
Project #: 730-33471-18
Issued by: Oregon Department of Transportation view agency website
Publish Date: 10/3/2018
Due Date: 10/24/2018 This opportunity has closed.

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The Oregon Department of Transportation ("ODOT" or "Agency") is seeking Proposals from Professional Services and Related Services firms to provide Bridge Load Rating Services through WOCs issued under PA with the Consultant(s) for those Services. Proposers responding to the RFP do so solely at their expense, and Agency is not responsible for any Proposer expenses associated with the RFP. General Background Information: The Oregon Department of Transportation, Bridge Program Unit ("Agency") has been mandated by the Federal Highway Administration ("FHWA") to implement the Bridge Load Rating Program in order to determine structural deficiencies in State and Local Public Agency owned bridges and culverts that may be endangering their load carrying capacity. The services to be provided consist of investigating and determining the structural capacity of State and Local Public Agency owned bridges, and preparing Load Rating Summary Reports for each bridge. The bridges to be investigated are of pre-stressed concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, and timber construction. Consultant shall furnish all personnel, materials, supplies, equipment, and any incidentals necessary to complete the work. ODOT Bridge Section has implemented the Load and Resistance Factor Rating ("LRFR") method, based on the AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation ("MBE"). LRFR is a statistically-based, more accurate and defensible load rating than the previous method, now referred to Load Factor Rating Procedures. The applicability of the LRFR Load Rating Procedures (as detailed in the ODOT LRFR Manual) is determined by the availability of calibrated liveload factors and the ongoing development of procedures for specific structure types. With the publication of newly adjusted liveload factors nationally in the MBE Third Edition, it has become feasible to apply LRFR procedures to Local Agency bridges, where the previous ODOT-specific liveload factor calibration is not applicable. Therefore, the LRFR load rating procedures in the ODOT LRFR Manual are now applicable to all bridges in the state. Proposer shall provide the following services ("Services"), including but not limited to: - Project Management and Coordination - Bridge load rating - Special Analysis: advanced analysis techniques such as finite element analysis - Detailed bridge inspection: gather data as required to perform the load rating, which may require a site visit(s) to make required on-site measurements of bridge components if needed existing bridge information is not available. Furnish gathered information with the load rating report(s). - Load Rating Summary Reports


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