Project Title: Fiber to the Premise Municipal Broadband Call Center Support
Project #: 201812-10038
Issued by: City of Hillsboro view agency website
Publish Date: 1/24/2019
Due Date: 2/19/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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The City of Hillsboro (“City”) seeks a firm to provide customer service support for our municipal broadband network.  The City’s own staff will provide primary customer service.   Such service must consistently reflect and demonstrate our City’s Core Values. The City’s estimated spend, and seating requirements, will depend in part on customer volume and growth which will change over time. Hillsboro is building a phased municipal broadband network for our City. The FTTP network will provide high speed Internet service and VoIP telephone service to both residential and commercial end users citywide. It is the intent of the City to provide these services to each residence and business in the community through a phased network construction project that will begin in 2019. The City has approximately 38,000 households and 6,700 commercial entities. There is a mix of multi-dwelling units (MDU’s), residential, and commercial customers. The City intends to award a single contract as a result of this RFP.  The total contract term will be up to five (5) years, including any renewals.  The initial term may be shorter, as negotiated by the City and Contractor. This project involves the initial launch and subsequent customer growth of the new fiber broadband network being installed by the City. Call center support will involve both residential and commercial sales to prospects responding to local marketing efforts as well as help desk support to existing customers. We anticipate that initial work volume will be heavily skewed towards sales activity and keying of connect orders by the Customer Service Representatives (CSR).    The City is seeking proposals that provide maximum flexibility to support this dynamic environment as the system matures over time to include: Support for all call types including peak-volume overflow, after-hours support, outbound notifications of service availability and install reminder calls, and efficient staffing of expected peak call volumes between 5pm to 9pm local time Both dedicated and shared CSR options including partial shift options for dedicated CSRs during peak hours Support across platforms including inbound/outbound calls, email, chat and text.   To enhance the level and accuracy of the customer service experience, the City will provide software tools and require CSR proficiency in the OSS/BSS (Great Lakes Data Systems) and Element Manager System (Calix) to respectively manage customer account data and work order activity as well as remote access into the fiber modem at the customer premises for troubleshooting purposes.  For this reason, we anticipate a core team of dedicated CSRs scheduled to cover peak demand along with available shared CSR coverage as needed by the City. Proposers that can provide flexibility and efficient coverage options that can evolve with changing City priorities will be advantaged in the selection process.


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