Project Title: ITB 3637 Concrete Curb Mods - COBID ONLY
Project #: ITB 3627
Issued by: Metro view agency website
Publish Date: 1/30/2019
Due Date: 3/5/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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Metro's South Station Household Hazardous Waste (MSS-HHW) facility, located at 2001 Washington St, Oregon City, Oregon, has a concrete curb that needs to be cut, removed, and reformed. The facility operates Monday through Saturday 6:00am to 4:30pm. The driveway around the building must be clear during those hours to allow public vehicles access to the building services. Therefore, work shall start on a Saturday after 4:30pm and be must completed by the following Monday morning at 6:00am A Voluntary Pre-Bid Conference is scheduled for all potential prime and sub-contractors on February 12, 2019 at 1:00 p.m., at 2001 Washington Street, Oregon City, Oregon. Interested sub-contractors are also invited. This opportunity is part of Metro's COBID Marketplace. This program is for construction opportunities under $50,000. These opportunities are bid among only State of Oregon certified COBID firms. Competitive bidding requirements still apply, but the opportunity is with in a marketplace of only COBID certified firms.


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