Project Title: Corrections Health X-Ray Technician Services
Project #: RFP-172-2019
Issued by: Multnomah County view agency website
Publish Date: 3/1/2019
Due Date: 4/1/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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PART 2 – SERVICE DESCRIPTION, FUNDING AND CONTRACTING INFORMATION PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE: There will not be a pre-proposal conference for this sourcing event. SERVICE DESCRIPTION, FUNDING AND CONTRACTING INFORMATION PURPOSE AND OVERVIEW Multnomah County Corrections Health (MCCH) seeks a Contractor to provide on-site x-ray services at three Corrections Health Facilities: Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC), Multnomah County Inverness Jail (MCIJ) and Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Home (JDH). INTRODUCTION AND PROGRAM HISTORY Due to the variation in frequency with which these services are needed MCCH has contracted for these services since 2001, on an as needed basis. GOALS, VALUES AND OTHER IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION MCCH provides medical, dental, and mental health services to the adult and juvenile population incarcerated within Multnomah County. MCCH provides these services to promote and protect the health of adults and juveniles entrusted to their care. MCCH, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO), and their community partners, protect the rights of their diverse clientele by providing these essential health care services. MCCH values every client’s right to privacy, dignity, and individual self-respect; and values the client’s involvement in the integration of their care with prevention, health promotion, and early intervention resources. TARGET POPULATION SERVED MCCH provides the highest possible level of care for inmates within the Multnomah County jail system. There are two adult facilities, Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) and Multnomah County Inverness Jail (MCIJ); and one juvenile facility, Donald E. Long Detention Home (JDH). With 448 available beds MCDC is the intake (booking facility) for all of Multnomah County, located in downtown Portland. MCDC is a maximum security facility which houses both male and female prisoners, the population of which consists of some of the highest acuity patients. MCDC operates under comprehensive policies and procedures when administering medical, dental, and mental health treatments. With 862 available beds MCIJ serves as the Northwest’s “hub” for inmate transportation, whose territories range from Montana-westward and north to south from Washington to California, located in Northeast Portland. MCIJ is a medium security facility which houses both male and female prisoners, whose population consists of more stable medical and mental health patients. Working in conjunction with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Corrections Officers, MCCH medical staff ensure that the community standard of healthcare is being provided to these populations. JDH is a secure setting to detain youth typically ages 12-17. The facility is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  JDH maintains a staff-to-youth ratio of 1:8, with 16 youth in each unit. The average length of stay per youth is 14 days. The inmate population at all three facilities is made up of a wide variety of socio-economic and multi-ethnic backgrounds, with criminal charges ranging from minor violations to felonies.   GEOGRAPHIC BORDERS/LIMITATIONS & SERVICE AREAS X-ray services will be performed at the following locations: Multnomah County Detention Center, 1120 SW 3rd Ave, 4th Floor, Portland, OR 97204 Inverness Corrections Center, 11540 NE Inverness Drive, Portland, OR 97220 Donald E Long Juvenile Detention Home, 1401 NE 68th Portland, OR 97213 Images will be delivered to: EPIC Imaging, 233 NE 102nd Ave Portland OR 97220. Delivery locations may change over the course of the contract period. EPIC Imaging is the Portland metro area’s leading outpatient, diagnostic imaging facility with three full service locations. FUNDING Funded through Multnomah County General Funds, Services will be provided on an as needed basis. It is estimated that $30,000-$80,000 of services will be purchased each contract year, though the County cannot assure that any particular level of work will be assigned and the contract will permit the County to add or remove work as necessary depending on the availability of funding. SCOPE OF SERVICES Contractor will provide technical radiological imaging services at all three Corrections locations (listed in 2.4), including delivery of x-rays for reading to EPIC Imaging (also listed in 2.4). Services will be available as needed Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. Contractor will remain flexible with regard to the scheduling of services. The County will not pay for any images retaken due to Contractor error.   The Contractor will provide: Licensed x-ray personnel Patient Imaging Image Processing Record keeping, including the types of x-rays taken, patient information, etc. Manage inventory of all related supplies Safe Transportation of Images for Reading Daily use and preventative maintenance/upkeep of County Equipment Report any equipment maintenance issues to CH staff Communicate supply needs and operational inventory levels to CH staff Contractor’s Responsibilities:   Maintain client confidentiality in compliance with HIPAA provisions. All contracted staff assigned to MCCH must pass a Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department background security screening, following all staff members completing the Authorization of Records Check Form (See Attachment 3 in the buyer attachments).  This form states that the signer understands that a check of the criminal history records will be made before employment with MCCH. Their signature authorizes the background check and acknowledges that they are aware that a record of convictions or pending criminal action may exclude signer from employment with MCCH. All staff assigned to MCCH must comply with Multnomah County Corrections Health Dress Code (See Attachment 4 in the buyer attachments). Possess current licensure as required for the position within/by the State of Oregon Ability to perform the physical requirements of the position Be respectful to multicultural clientele All contracted staff assigned to MCCH will attend a safety and security training presented by MCSO, and Work with the MCSO staff to ensure the safety and security of all personnel and clients. Work with the MCCH staff to provide x-ray imaging Communicate all maintenance or service needs to MCSO and MCCH staff in a timely manner. FISCAL REQUIREMENTS AND REPORTING Monthly reports will be required which clearly document the following: Patient’s Name Patient’s ID Number Facility where X-Ray was taken Type of X-Ray Date of X-Ray Delivery Fee Total Cost Separated by Location PERFORMANCE MEASURES/PERFORMANCE CONTRACTING No substantiated complaints regarding professional conduct or client care Invoice accuracy CONTRACT NEGOTIATION The County will initiate contract negotiations with the responsive and responsible Proposer with the highest scoring proposal. Multnomah County may, at its option, elect to negotiate general contract terms and conditions, services, pricing, implementation schedules, and such other terms as the County determines are in the County’s best interest. If negotiations fail to result in a contract, the County reserves the right to terminate the negotiations and initiate contract negotiations with the next highest scoring responsive and responsible Proposer. This process may continue until a contract agreement is reached. CONTRACT AWARD The County‘s evaluation committee will evaluate each Proposal in accordance with the criteria in this RFP in order to determine the most advantageous Responsive Proposal.  Accordingly, the County is utilizing a Best Value selection process.  The County intends to award the Project Contract to the Proposer that demonstrates it can deliver the best combination of project specific qualifications, sustainability initiatives, diverse participation and price for the listed services. Multnomah County strongly encourages the participation of Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, and Emerging Small Businesses and Organizations in providing these services. Through this RFP process, the County is seeking to award on contract.  Awards, as determined by the County, will be made to the Proposer who submits the highest scoring proposal. CONTRACT TERM The contract term shall be one (1) year. The County shall have the option to renew this contract for four (4) additional one (1) year period(s). COMPENSATION AND METHOD OF PAYMENT Payment will be made within 45 days of submission of itemized invoice of services that include date, costs of services, clients name and documentation of authorization of site designee. It is highly recommended that payments can be accepted by electronic fund transfer. COOPERATIVE PURCHASING  Other public agencies may establish contracts or price agreements directly with the awarded contractor under the terms, conditions and prices of the original contract Pursuant to ORS 279A.215 and agreement by the selected Contractor to extend the terms, conditions and prices of the original contract. Proposers will complete Buyer Attachment 5 to indicate if they will or will not extend pricing to other agencies. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS The Proposer awarded a Contract as a result of this RFP will be required to provide the insurance described in Exhibit 2 of the attached Multnomah County Services Contract. NOTE: The Commercial General Liability will include molestation and improper acts coverage.  MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS AT THE TIME OF PROPOSAL SUBMISSION – Proposers must meet the following minimum requirements. Failure to provide any of the required documents or meet any of the below requirements shall result in rejection of the proposal. The Proposal response must be received by Multnomah County Purchasing no later than 4:00 P.M. local Portland time on the proposal submission deadline. PROPOSER REPRESENTATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS – The Proposer must certify that they agree to the Proposers Representation and Certification terms in the prerequisite page of the Sourcing Event. AT THE TIME OF CONTRACTING – Proposers must meet the following minimum requirements. Failure to provide any of the required documents or meet any of the below requirements shall result in cancellation of the contract. Proposers must be legal entities, currently registered to do business in the State of Oregon (per ORS 60.701). Proposers must submit verification that all insurance requirements are met. Proposers must have a completed Pre-Award Risk Assessment if federal funds are used for this Sourcing Event. (See Procedural Instructions in the Buyer Attachments page of this Sourcing Event) Possess current licensure as required for their position within/by the State of Oregon; State of Oregon - Board of Medical Imaging - Practice of Radiology.


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