Project Title: HIV Harm Reduction Supplies
Project #: ITB-188-2019
Issued by: Multnomah County view agency website
Publish Date: 3/1/2019
Due Date: 3/19/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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PRE-BID CONFERENCE There will not be a Pre-Bid conference in reference to this sourcing event. SPECIFICATIONS AND ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS Specifications for this invitation to bid are outlined below. INTRODUCTION AND PROGRAM HISTORY Multnomah County Health Departments Public Health Division is responsible for promoting and protecting health and preventing disease. Program areas include communicable disease prevention and control, immunizations, STD/HIV screening and treatment services, and harm reduction services. Funding for this invitation to bid is through County General Funds. The County may receive other sourcing methods such as state funding for this invitation to bid. 1. Inventory: Multnomah County Health Department (MCHD) desires to contract with one supplier that offers pricing for the line items identified in this invitation to bid. 2. Manufacturer Date: Awarded vendor must maintain an adequate supply of stock on hand. 3. Substitutions: No substitutions will be allowed for this invitation to bid. Suppliers must submit their pricing for each line item identified in the sourcing event.   4. Volume of Purchases: MCHD will purchase items on an as needed basis. These items may be purchase as frequently as twice weekly. Quantity and volume will be determined on an as needed basis by the County. 5. Orders, Deliveries and Will Calls: Upon receipt of an order from the County the awarded vendor shall deliver the product within two (2) business days and a maximum of three (3) business days. The Contractor shall receive County orders either by email, online, or phone ordering as best determined by Contractor. Deliveries must be made as determined by the County with the awarded vendor. MCHD expects reliable delivery of items as agreed to and assured by Contractor. Deliveries shall be made using a truck with a liftgate to locations without a loading dock. The delivery process shall include unloading of items with inside delivery and pallet removal. 6. Recalls:  County shall be advised of all product recalls on all or any part of the item at no additional cost. All product recall information, replacement parts and labor, shall be provided to the County as soon as available to dealer. 7.Communication: Bidder shall ensure that their information is updated with their contact number and email in their supplier profile. Supplier shall be responsive and responsible. 8. Contract Conditions: Contractor shall replace any and all items on the receiving invoice that are missing or damaged within two (2) business days of original delivery. Contractor shall credit County for damaged or expired dated items. 9. Additional Charges: All bid pricing items including delivery and unloading charges must be included with bid. No additional charges other than the line item, shipping or delivery charges shall be invoiced without prior approval from the County. The County will confirm charges with supplier once charges are verified. 10. Escalation or De-Escalation: Prices will be subject to increase or decrease only in the same proportion as changes in the manufacturer’s published price list or other basis of change in the manufacturer’s pricing schedule. Multnomah County reserves the right to audit the vendor’s records relating to price changes. The County shall receive immediate benefit of price decreases resulting from promotional advertisements. Contractor shall promptly notify the County of the amount and effective date of each decrease. The Contractor shall provide to the County documentation supporting the price adjustment. The County shall determine what constitutes acceptable documentation. The Contractor shall update the approved price list and shall provide to County the most current approved price list and effective date. Multnomah County will accept only such price adjustments reflected in the approved price list. 11. Price Adjustments: All prices must be held firm for the first three (3)  years of the contract. Any price increases to be implemented by Contractor shall be submitted to the County no less than forty-five (45) days prior to the proposed date of change. The County reserves the right to reject any price modifications that are unacceptable to the County. Contractor shall not be obligated to provide items when County rejects price adjustments. 12. Sustainable Options: Multnomah County is committed to integrating sustainability considerations into the way it does business, including the goods and services we buy: Multnomah County encourages vendors to offer products that are highly rated for health and safety, environmental considerations, and social equity. The Good Guide website provides product ratings relating to health, environmental and social impacts: 13. Packaging: Product delivery containers and packaging shall be recyclable and minimized as much as practical. 14. Coordination of Delivery: About 40 to 50 percent of air toxics in Oregon come from vehicle exhaust. Air toxics are pollutants known or suspected to cause cancer and other serious health problems. Multnomah County’s “Idling Gets You Nowhere” campaign seeks to engage the public and reduce idling motor vehicles: Awarded contractors shall adopt measures to reduce idling time and coordinate delivery of goods with MCHD staff in order to minimize unnecessary trips and emissions. 15. Contract Award: Award will be made to the lowest Bidder that supplies the identified items in the invitation to bid and meets the County’s requirements identified above.   . 


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