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Addendum # 2
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04/17/2019 6:19 AM
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04/25/2019 2:00 PM
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Snake River Correctional Institution - SRCI
777 Stanton Blvd
Ontario, Oregon

Addendum #2

Item #1 - Question: Where is the 120/208 panel for circuit controller ?

Answer: The 120/208 panel is in the Electrical Room #5-158, just down the wall from where the new compressor racks are to be located, it does have an Exterior Door.
See Photos labeled, "01- Door #5-158" & "02- 120/208 Panel #1"

Item #2 - Question: What is the distance from outside MDP to fused disconnects on freezer building ?

Answer: The distance is approximately forty-three feet (43).
See Photo labeled, "03- Distance"

Item #3 - Question: Is there any obstructions for trenching from outside MDP to fused disconnects on freezer building (example- concrete, pavement, etc.) ?

Answer: Yes, obstacles include; fencing, buried and exposed concrete and buried conduits.
For this reason, Owner wishes to have the new conduit be mounted on uni-strut along the exterior surface of the wall (North Wall of Warehouse).
See Photos labeled, "04- Work Area 1", "05- Work Area 2", and "06- Work Area 3"

Item #4 - Question: Where is the main power for the new proposed rack outdoor units coming from ?

Answer: Power supply for new outdoor rack units to come from "MDP Outside".
See Project Drawings, Sheet E.1.1 - Electrical Plan, Detail 2/E1.1

Item #5 - Question: Does the power for the indoor evaporators come out of the outdoor rack units ?

Answer: Yes, See Project Drawings, Sheet E.1.1 - Electrical Plan, Detail 2/E1.1 & OmniTeam Refrigeration Plan Drawings, Sheet R2 of 3 (Both Cooler & Freezer Sets)

Item #6 - Question: What is the manufacturer for MDP outside that we are asked to supply breaker for, what is the AIC rating of the existing spare breaker ?

Answer: The Manufacturer of the MDP is General Electric (GE) with 65 AIC Rating at 480V
See Photos labeled, "07- Manufacturer", & "08- AIC Rating Breaker"

Item #7 - Clarification: Addenda #1, Item #5 referenced the Evaporators (8 each) being mounted centered in the isles at rear of the two (2) Walk-Ins, thus needing Structural Engineer to provide mounting / Support details.
See Attached: "Structural Details & Calculations"

Item #1: Owner Clarification:
Sheet #M1.0 referenced "Omni Team Reference Shop Drawings" which were inadvertently omitted. The Omni drawings are attached (Two (2) Each Sets, One for Freezer, One for Cooler).

Item #2: Owner Clarification:
The Project Drawings provided by the Project Engineering Firm, Sheets M2.0, M2.1 & E1.1 all reflect the "Central Refrigerator to the Project Drawings left or Project South, and the "Bulk Freezer" to the project Drawings right or Project North.
Clarification: these should be reversed to reflect the Central Refrigerator to the Project Drawings right, and the Bulk Freezer to the Project Drawings left.
The corresponding notations for the Refrigeration Systems on Project Drawing M6.0 - "Schedule", correctly identify which Refrigeration System applies to which Walk-in.

Item #3: Owner Clarification:
The Project Drawings, Sheet M6.0 - "Schedule", list the weight of the Evaporator Units for the Central Refrigerator / Cooler Box at 450 LBS Each, and the Evaporator Units for the Bulk Freezer / Freezer weight at 745 LBS Each.
Clarification. All Eight (8) of the Evaporator Units for both Walk-Ins weight at 450 LBS. Each

Item #4: Owner Clarification:
The Project Drawings, Sheet E1.1 - "Electrical Plan", include a sheet notation to the upper right that reads, "Gutter w/ Feeder Breakers "G1".
Clarification; Revise to read, "Gutter W/ Fused Disconnects with current-limiting, time-delay fuses sized per the equipment nomenclature plate"

Item #5: Owner Clarification:
The Project Drawings, Sheet - "Omni Team Refrigeration Plan, R1 of 3", in the upper left corner of the Sheet is a detail labeled, "Condensate Drain Lines".
Within that detail is a drawing that reflects the mounting of the New Evaporator Units to be by means of bolts through the roof assembly of the Walk-ins.
This detail will not be utilized as shown.
In Addition, Project Drawings M2.0, M2.1 & E1.1 all reflect the new Evaporator Units being installed adjacent to or in place of the existing.
Per request of Owner, the New Evaporator Units will be installed as close to the rear of the two Walk-ins as possible centered in the Isles, with minimal space behind them for air movement as identified / required by the equipment Manufacturer.
This change to the location of the Evaporators has resulted in need of the services of a Structural Engineer to provide mounting details; which will result in a detailed subsequent Addenda.

Item #6:
Change Q&A period from 4/9/19 @ 2:00 PM to 4/18/19 @ 2:00 PM.
Change bid closing date from 4/16/19 @ 2:00 PM to 4/25/19 @ 2:00 PM.
Opportunity Summary
"The Oregon Department of Corrections is seeking bids for the SRCI WAREHOUSE WALK-IN REEFER SYSTEM UPGRADES. The Invitation to Bid document, specifications and drawings are available from ORPIN as download documents - Bidders are encouraged to bring all documents to the pre-bid meeting as they will not be provided. A MANDATORY pre-bid meeting will be conducted at on 03/26/2019 at 9:00 AM MDT sharp, located at SRCI, 777 Stanton Blvd Ontario, OR 97914. Bidders are required to submit the LEDS by the stated deadline. No blue denim, camouflage, tight fitting or low midriff clothing is permitted. Late arrivals will not be allowed to attend. All bidders must attend the mandatory pre-bid meeting and site visit in its entirety. General Contractors are highly encouraged to bring Sub-Contractors and Suppliers as a second site visit MAY NOT be available.

The single point of contact is Craig L. Heilman ( at (503) 373-7508; alternate point of contact: Ben R. Hittle ( at (503) 378-5928

For call centers: For further assistance please call the ORPIN Help Desk at (503) 373-1774 or send email to:

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