Project Title: Aluminum Non-Threaded Caps and Cotton Pellets
Project #: RIB-182-2019
Issued by: Multnomah County view agency website
Publish Date: 3/15/2019
Due Date: 4/2/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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INTRODUCTION AND PROGRAM HISTORY Multnomah County’s Public Health Division is responsible for promoting and protecting health and preventing disease. Program areas include communicable disease prevention and control, immunizations, STD/HIV screening and treatment services, and harm reduction services. PRE-BID CONFERENCE There will not be a pre-bid conference for this sourcing event. SPECIFICATIONS AND ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS Multnomah County Health Department’s Public Health is seeking bids for the following items:  Non-threaded aluminum caps 30mm x 15mm, 18-24 gauge. Please see related images within the buyer attachments.  Cotton ball pellets. 3-5mm diameter. Please see related images within the buyer attachments.  The aluminum caps shall be clean, free of any debris and residue. Supplier must pick up and deliver materials free of service charges or fuel surcharges, for delivery Monday-Friday between the hours of 08:00-16:30 PST. The cost of pick-up and delivery is included in the price for each item. County may, without additional compensation to supplier, add or delete delivery locations within Multnomah County, Oregon. Program will order in bulk on requirements basis. PRODUCT ACCEPTABILITY  The county may require submission of samples post the award process, to inspect the product for characteristics such as quality or workmanship. Any bidder’s product which does not meet the specifications shall be rejected.   The County intends to award one contract in reference to this bid. Award will be made to the lowest bidder who is determined to be responsive and responsible. RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICE We are seeking packaging materials that reduce consumption of materials, maximize recycled fiber, responsible virgin fiber, rapidly renewable fiber, waste fiber, and other innovative materials that promote cleaner production, use, and disposal or the ability for clean recycling and remanufacturing. Whenever possible, minimize the use of chemical treatments for landscaping and grounds that include using less toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. We are seeking suppliers who use packaging that is recyclable, biodegradable, and or reusable. BID DOCUMENTS  All documents for this bid are available for view and download on the Buyer Attachments page of this Sourcing Event. The Buyer Attachments page includes the following:  Responding to a Sourcing Event – MMP Supplier Guide  Procedural Instructions  Cotton Pellet (example image and physical specification)  Aluminum Cap Diameter (example image and physical specification)  Aluminum Cap Height (example image and physical specification)  BID SUBMISSION Bid must be submitted electronically through this Sourcing Event.


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