Project Title: Promise Neighborhood; Backbone Agency
Project #: NOI-194-2019
Issued by: Multnomah County view agency website
Publish Date: 3/15/2019
Due Date: 4/1/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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Multnomah County seeks responses from suppliers interested in providing the services described below.  The purpose of this Notice of Intent is to determine if there are multiple parties interested in providing these services who have the qualifications to do so.  If multiple qualified parties are available the County intends to issue a Request for Proposals to select a provider. BACKGROUND I.    Introduction The Promise Neighborhoods Initiative is an initiative responding to reports from the Coalition of Communities of Color and PSU documenting disparities in a wide range of outcomes and services for communities of color living in Multnomah County. The Promise Neighborhoods Initiative is an ambitious initiative aimed at placing children of color on a path to self-sufficiency in Multnomah County by increasing academic achievement and school readiness for these populations through systems change efforts and providing culturally specific and responsive services.  The Initiative aims to: Bring together community experts to help school districts and community agencies build more culturally specific services for communities of color; Improve culturally responsive and specific service strategies in school districts through deep and embedded partnerships between culturally specific organizations and schools; Elevate culturally responsive, specific, and relevant strategies that can be scaled within systems; and Reach more youth of color to help equip and prepare them to receive culturally appropriate educational instruction. The Promise Neighborhood Initiative is comprised of culturally specific and responsive organizations representing the culturally specific populations that experience disparities in educational outcomes (Black/African American, Latino, Native American, Asian/Pacific Islander, African Immigrant, Slavic, other immigrant and refugee communities).  The service provider collaborative members of the Promise Neighborhoods Initiative as of July 1, 2019 are: Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI) Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) Latino Network Metropolitan Family Service Native American Youth and Family Center Hacienda CDC Milagro Theatre Kairos PDX Urban League  In order to achieve these goals, Multnomah County Department of County Human Services, Youth and Family Services Division (YFS) is looking for an organization to operate as a Backbone Agency and administer contracts for the direct service components of these efforts. This organization will be backbone for a collaboration of multiple culturally specific agencies and school districts in order to generate critical partnerships and build relationships that result in alignment and systemic change; produce measurable impacts and results; demonstrate fiscal transparency and accountability; leverage additional funds for the collaboration to further the work; and enhance public awareness of, and support for, the Promise Neighborhoods Initiative. This agency will work to convene, connect and support community leaders, manage a data management infrastructure, provide technical support, and develop a plan for marshalling current and future investments. II.   Backbone Agency Service Description Multnomah County YFS is seeking a Backbone Agency that can provide the following services to the Promise Neighborhoods Initiative collaborative. 1.   Convening The Backbone Agency will serve as a neutral convener for the collaborative. This agency will work to facilitate effective dialogues with all partner agencies, mediate conflicts among stakeholders, guide the work in the community, and remain aware of the political environment surrounding the delivery of these vital services. The Backbone Agency will work with the individual collaborative partners to identify opportunities for growth and enhanced service delivery, including overcoming obstacles that may prevent a cohesive and effective network of services.   2.   Facilitation The Backbone Agency will provide expert facilitation in leading the collaborative and achieving alignment and system level indicators, including facilitators trained in the following:  Creating safe and inclusive environments that promote participation by all members and support cross-cultural communication;  Providing guidance on effective collaboration and collective impact models; Providing culturally specific and responsive pedagogy and practice, and; Providing evidenced based practices & policy-level interventions that are deemed best practices for reducing racial disparities.   Facilitation should occur with all partners to ensure the work remains on course and aligned with the core mission, vision, and goals of the initiative and to course correct when needed. Successful facilitation will ensure all partners use data to build action plans, develop programming, and provide implementation strategies that are focused on scaling what works for the community, and incorporating evidenced based approaches, theories, and models that guide the work.  3.   Communications  The Backbone Agency will be responsible for establishing structures for regular communication within the initiative (collaborative agencies, partner schools and districts, and community partners) and with community leaders, community members and partners. This will include communicating initiative objectives, results and other information that will build awareness and support for the effort.  Communication responsibilities include the design and production of marketing and PR materials to share the collaborative learnings, best practices, tools and recommendations so that the practices are adopted and can be scaled in school districts and communities.  4.   Resource Development and Leveraging A critical component of the Backbone Agency is the ability to leverage additional funding in support of the initiative and the collaborative partners. This includes development of a plan to generate ongoing funding support for the systems change effort and delivery of services, as well as administrative functions of the Backbone Agency. This additional funding will coincide with the ongoing investment made by Multnomah County.  5.   Contract Development and Management The Backbone Agency will negotiate, develop and manage contracts with all direct service provider organizations, including monitoring contract performance. Backbone Agency may be required to conduct a competitive procurement process to identify partner agencies and provide sound and reasonable justification for the disbursement of pass-through funding. Within the first year of the contract, the Backbone Agency will work with County staff to determine what will be required and a timeline for the process, should it occur. 6.   Grant Reporting to Multnomah County The Backbone Agency is responsible for Promise Neighborhoods Initiative grant reporting to Multnomah County. This includes quarterly progress reports on direct services provided through the collaborative, as well as tracking all Promise Neighborhoods Initiative funding, including funds from partner organizations.  7.   Data Collection and Evaluation The agency will oversee the development of a set of strategies and outcomes that will drive transformative change for the focus communities, including the development and implementation of a shared measurement system that will track common outcomes and indicators across the initiative, using these results to inform learning and continuous improvement within the initiative.  As part of this, the agency will develop data collection and reporting methods and work with partner agencies to ensure data quality. They will be expected to evaluate initiative impact and report on measures and metrics identified to meet goals and outcomes in accordance with set timelines. The agency will support the use of continuous quality improvement practices across the initiative such as Results Based Accountability, rapid cycle improvement, and so forth. 8.   Technical Assistance and Professional Support The Backbone Agency will be required to provide support and guidance to agencies and schools in the collaborative in an effort to align the services with a common agenda; this will include providing resources and tools to assist in the research, development, and application of  evidence-based programs, collective impact models, and culturally responsive programming.  9.   Fiscal Management The Backbone Agency will be expected to develop and submit timely agency budgets and invoices in accordance with approved budgets.The Backbone Agency will strive to ensure timely and accurate invoicing, including quarterly reports ensuring that County funding is utilized in accordance with programmatic goals effectively.  10.   Alignment with Government and Partner Agencies  The Backbone Agency will develop a recurrent meeting structure for check-ins with Multnomah County, school districts, schools and non-profit agencies to identify align efforts between the Promise Neighborhood Initiative and other youth and family serving programs, review data and evaluation reports, highlight accomplishments and identify challenges to be addressed. III.  Fiscal Accountability/ Marshalling Investments The Backbone Agency will help guide the investment using best practices in collaboration to braid resources and achieve outcomes. Multnomah County also seeks a Backbone Agency who is able to leverage additional resources and funding to the investment to further support the work, sustain the total investment, and help ensure the collaboration is in the best position to secure additional funding, including federal dollars.  IV. Funding Available The anticipated funding for Fiscal Year 2020 for the Backbone Agency Services is $80,440. Pass through funding for agencies managed by the Backbone Agency will be negotiated with the County upon Contract Award. Funding of the work described in this solicitation is not guaranteed. Fluctuations in funding year to year should be expected. The County cannot assure that any particular level of work will be assigned and the contract will permit the County to add or remove work as necessary depending on availability of funding.


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