Project Title: Marketing & Communications Bench
Project #: 2019-33
Issued by: Lane Transit District view agency website
Publish Date: 4/8/2019
Due Date: 5/1/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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Notice is hereby given that the Lane Transit District (“District”) is seeking proposals from several multi-disciplinary vendors to assist the District with effective and efficient communications to its riding public and stakeholders. Proposers will self-select service disciplines they wish to provide. The District will enter into professional services contracts with qualified firms who can demonstrate competency and experience in one or more of the communications disciplines they select. These disciplines include (but are not limited to): marketing, public/media relations, special event services, social media and digital marketing, media planning and placement, brand development, web, cartography and other communications support services. LTD plans to secure services from selected vendors (contractors), through a task order process. The selected contractors will serve on a bench, and when services are needed, LTD will provide the teams with task information, and the vendors will provide a response and cost proposal.


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    Tel (541) 682-6100
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