Project Title: Transit and Other Standardized Data Support (GTFS, etc.)
Project #: 730-33624-19
Issued by: Oregon Department of Transportation view agency website
Publish Date: 4/15/2019
Due Date: 5/15/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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The State of Oregon, acting by and through the Department of Transportation, ("Agency"), is issuing this Request for Proposal for services related to General Transit Feed Specifications ("GTFS") data and other data formats tied to transportation and planning. GTFS describes fixed route transit service in sufficient detail to support transit trip planning software. The existence of GTFS data has opened the door to much more useful and easily available transit information for passengers and potential passengers. GTFS data is the basis for a host of web, Smartphone, and SMS applications providing stop centric transit information, as well as the basis for the Open Trip Planner, Bing Transit, and Google Transit trip planners. The purpose of this RFP is to contract with a Contractor to create, host, and maintain standardized GTFS, GTFS-flex, GTFS-ride and other standardized data for transit services per contractual requirements. Contractor shall create GTFS data and other standardized data (for example GTFS-flex) in coordination with transit agencies or other Agency-specified entities, and verify accuracy of newly created data with transit agency staff. Contractor shall coordinate with transit agencies to ensure that all data remains accurate over time as underlying conditions change. Additionally, Contractor may be called to complete a range of tasks associated with the creation and maintenance of standardized data as well as play an advisory role for the Agency's development and utilization of processes, tools, and functions that take advantage of investments in standardized data. The scope of Services and associated deliverables are further described in RFP Section 2.3 -Overview and Purpose, and RFP Attachment A - Sample Contract, Exhibit A "Statement of Work" ("SOW"). Agency has contracted for similar services in the past. The current contract expires in 2019. Proposers responding to this RFP do so solely at their expense, and Agency is not responsible for any Proposer expenses associated with the RFP. Project Cooperation: In accordance with RFP Attachment A - Sample Contract, Exhibit C "Special Terms and Conditions," Contractor acknowledges that ODOT may have separate contract(s) or understandings with other entities (e.g. other consultants, contractor(s), governmental agencies, and organizations) involved with representing ODOT's interests at the federal level. Early interface with other Agency contractors is a critical factor to determine the areas of concern that will need to be addressed. Contractor shall support ODOT's efforts to create and maintain a cooperative working relationship between and among other entities and their respective representatives involved in representing ODOT's priorities at the federal level, to further the interests of ODOT to result in the Services being successfully completed on time and within budget. Quantity of Contracts Awarded: It is anticipated that approximately 1 Proposer will be selected for Contract award from this solicitation. Agency, in its sole discretion, may select more or fewer based on the Proposals submitted and the results of the evaluation. Refer to section 5.1.1. Offer Period: A Proposer's Proposal is a firm offer, irrevocable, valid and binding on the Proposer for not less than 180 days following the closing date for this RFP. Agency may request, orally or in writing, that Proposer extend, in writing, the offer period. Contract Duration: The Contract is anticipated to be effective by September 2019 and is intended to last approximately 1 year. Contingent upon Agency's need and Contractor's performance, Agency may amend the Contract in 1-year increments, as necessary, for up to 7 additional years for a cumulative maximum of 8 years. Contract Not-to-Exceed ("NTE") Amount: The anticipated total compensation payable over the first year of the Contract (including the monthly Proposed Price total and Agency-approved travel expenses) will be negotiated with the Selected Proposer and based on the Proposer's monthly Price Information identified in RFP Attachment E - Price Proposal. Assuming that Agency amends the Contract to exercise all additional 1-year extension options, the anticipated total compensation payable over the 8 year aggregate term of the Contract (including the monthly Proposed Price total, price increases during the life of the Contract, and Agency-approved travel expenses) will also be negotiated with the Selected Proposer and based on the Proposer's monthly Price Information identified in RFP Attachment E - Price Proposal. Proposers are advised that the award and potential dollar amount of the Contract under this RFP are contingent upon approval of funding from the Oregon Legislature for Agency's use under this RFP as determined by Agency in its sole discretion. FTA Requirements: This project is funded in part by Federal Transit Administration ("FTA"). The CDFA Number for Nonurbanized Area Formula (Section 5311) is 20.509. FTA funds will be used for approximately 89% of the costs of this Contract. Refer to RFP Attachment A - Sample Contract, Exhibit H "Additional FTA Provisions" for requirements that apply to the selected Contractor.


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