Project Title: Adult Day Services
Project #: RIPQ-227-2019
Issued by: Multnomah County view agency website
Publish Date: 5/10/2019
Due Date: 5/20/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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There will not be a pre-proposal conference for this Sourcing Event. INTRODUCTION The Multnomah County Department of County Human Services, Aging, Disability and Veterans Services Division (ADVSD) is seeking responsive and responsible contractors to provide quality, cost effective Adult Day Services for Oregon Project Independence (OPI) and Family Caregiver Program clients living in Multnomah County.    The intent of the Request for Intermediate Programmatic Qualifications (RIPQ) is to identify a pool of qualified contractors that may provide adult day services that will assist clients in remaining as independent as possible, to delay or prevent out-of-home placement, to support client self-determination, and to provide respite for family caregivers of adult day service participants.   GUIDING VALUES:  The Department of County Human Services North Star is that, ‘Every person, at every state of life, will have equitable opportunities to thrive.’ Our Vision:All older adults, people with disabilities and veterans thrive in diverse and supportive communities. Our Organization Values: Put People First Act with Integrity Promote Equity, Empowerment and Inclusion Collaborate Pursue Excellence Accept Personal Responsibility Foster Creativity and Innovation Act as Change Agents We Bring Our Best Selves to Work SCOPE OF WORK Adult Day services will consist of a variety of services provided to clients. Individual service plans will be developed for each participant and must include the following elements: Intake Screening; Application; Assessment; Written Service Plan; Coordination of Care; and Service Documentation and Reassessment. Providers will be asked to collect and maintain participant records, which must include: Current roster of all participants; An individual file on each participant; and Clinical and financial records. Services must be made available to participants. These services include: Activities with Daily Living (ADL) assistance; Socializational opportunities services; Nutrition services; Food services; Therapeutic activities; Health-related services; Transportation either by providing, arranging or contracting for transportation services; Emergency response for participants; and Community Resources to help families or caregivers and participants.   TARGET POPULATION SERVED The target population to be served as a result of this RIPQ are ADVSD clients in Multnomah County enrolled in Oregon Project Independence services (OPI); or clients of the Family Caregiver Support Program.  MINIMUM SERVICE REQUIREMENTS Current Oregon State Adult Day Service Certification Adult Day Service providers that contract with the Department of County Human Services, ADVSD must meet the Standards for Adult Day Services Programs and be certified with the State of Oregon, Seniors and People with Disabilities throughout the life of the five (5) year procurement. Adult Day Service providers that are in the process of certification must be certified at the time of contract execution.  The standards and certification process are described in detail in OAR 411-066-000 through 0020.  Awarded contractors must demonstrate a proven ability to deliver the required services according to the requirements of current Oregon Administrative Rules, including Registration and Certification Standards for Adult Day Services Programs (OAR 411-066-000 through 0020); Criminal History Checks (OAR 407-007-0000 through 0370). DELIVERABLES / PERFORMANCE MEASURES Program Goal Performance Measure Target # or % Source Contractor shall provide positive enrichment activities for program participants Participants shall respond as being “Satisfied” or better with Enrichment Activities. 75% Satisfaction Survey Contractor shall provide services to meet the individual care needs of their program participants. Each participant will have an individualized service plan created and maintained during their enrollment periodParticipants shall respond as being “Satisfied” or better with care provided. 100%75% Individualized service plans/care plansSatisfaction Survey Contractor shall provide culturally appropriate and culturally respectful services. Participants shall respond as being “Satisfied” or better when asked if “services were provided in a culturally respectful and appropriate manner.” 75% Activity CalendarSatisfaction Survey METHOD OF AWARD The County anticipates two (2) contract awards as a result of this Sourcing Event, however, additional Contracts may be issued depending on the needs of the program. ESTIMATED PURCHASES The estimated budget for these services is $130,000, however, the County does not guarantee that any minimum amount of services will be purchased. METHOD OF CONTRACTING A Services Contract form is provided in the Buyer Attachments page showing the standard terms and conditions.  Carefully review the terms and conditions of the Contract. TERM OF CONTRACT The anticipated contract period for this service is July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2024. CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS The County will initiate contract negotiations with the responsive and responsible Proposer with the awarded supplier. Multnomah County may, at its option, elect to negotiate general contract terms and conditions, services, pricing, implementation schedules, and such other terms as the County determines are in the County’s best interest. If negotiations fail to result in a contract, the County reserves the right to terminate the negotiations and initiate contract negotiations with another who is a responsive and responsible Proposer. The County may choose to concurrently negotiate between two or more proposers. This process may continue until a contract agreement is reached. CONTRACT AWARD AND ALLOCATION PROCESS This is a competitive Request for Intermediate Programmatic Qualifications (RIPQ) process as provided for under the authority of PUR-1. No contracts will be issued as a result of this RIPQ process. Our intent is to establish a pool of qualified vendors who will be eligible for potential contract awards. There is no limit on the number of vendors that may be qualified under this RIPQ process.  ALLOCATION PROCESS Entirely separate from this qualification process, the County shall initiate and award a contract to a supplier who demonstrates the desired qualifications outlined in the Scope of Work, Position Description and answers to the Evaluation Questions.  After the proposers are qualified, the County will ask these agency’s to provide a list of candidates that the County may choose from to interview. Contract negotiations will follow the County's identification of a viable candidate, a candidate who has met the required qualifications to the satisfaction of the County. Additional candidates will be provided until these qualifications are met to the satisfaction of the County. Allocation priorities and selection criteria may include: County and Department strategic priorities; Overall needs and deficiencies; Contractors Availability; RIPQ proposal information and evaluation input from the RIPQ evaluation panel; Provider experience; Customer feedback; Past performance (engagement); Extent of provision of like services by any one agency; and Other factors as deemed appropriate by the funding allocation team. Since the allocation process considers a variety of factors, funding may go to qualified Proposers who did not earn the highest overall RIPQ qualified score. Therefore, it will be possible to qualify under this RIPQ process and not receive a funding allocation. After the Department provides written solicitation results to all Proposers and with the completion of the separate allocation process by Health Department, Health Department staff will contact the successful and qualified Proposer(s) who will receive an allocation for contract negotiations. Contracts do not guarantee any level of funding and funding levels may change from year to year. All Proposers seeking to provide services must submit a proposal and receive a minimum 70% of the total points possible in order to qualify. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS Multnomah County standard insurance requirements are set forth in Exhibit 2 of the Services Contract located in the Buyer Attachments page. Please review these requirements carefully. Specific insurance requirements may be adjusted at the time of contract negotiation depending on the final scope of services. Specific insurance requirements may be negotiated at the time of Contracting. Type of Insurance Amount Per Occurrence Aggregate Professional Liability $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $2,000,000 Automobile Insurance $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $2,000,000 Sexual Abuse/Molestation $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $2,000,000 Workers Compensation As Required per ORS 656.017 PRE-AWARD RISK ASSESSMENT Successful proposers whose contract award includes federal funding (as identified by a Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number) will be subject to a PreAward Risk Assessment (which includes an evaluation of financial stability, quality of financial /management systems, experience with federal funds, reports and findings from audits) completed by Multnomah County (if one has not been submitted in the last year) prior to the issuance of a contract. Contractors who fail to submit the required documents will not be eligible for a contract from the County. MINIMUM PROPOSAL SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS At the time of proposal submission, Proposers must meet the following minimum requirements. Failure to provide any of the required documents or meet any of the below requirements shall result in rejection of the proposal. The Proposal response must be electronically submitted to the Sourcing Event no later than 4:00 P.M. local Portland time on the proposal submission deadline. Proposer Representations and Certifications - The Proposer must certify that they agree to the Proposers Representation and Certification terms.. At the time of Contracting, Proposers must meet the following minimum requirements. Failure to provide any of the required documents or meet any of the below requirements shall result in cancellation of the contract Proposers must be legal entities, currently registered to do business in the State of Oregon (per ORS 60.701). Proposers must submit verification that all insurance requirements are met.


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