Project Title: 511 Highway Advisory Telephone System
Project #: 730-33720-19
Issued by: Oregon Department of Transportation view agency website
Publish Date: 6/11/2019
Due Date: 7/12/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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The Oregon Department of Transportation (Agency) is seeking one contractor to solely host a system that will answer telephone calls and provide Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Text to Speech (TTS) functionality for the Agency's 511/Highway Advisory Telephone (511/HAT) system. Proposer's proposed Hosted IVR/TTS system must fully support Agency's existing menu structure. The Proposer will need to construct the Agency's existing IVR menu structure on the hosted IVR/TTS system. Agency will not entertain proposals for additional services not requested herein. Agency operates a 511/HAT system that disseminates travel-related information to callers. The Agency will retain complete operations of the 511/HAT system. The telephone system must be an automated system with no human operator answering the calls. The telephone calls must be answered by a Hosted IVR/TTS system. The Hosted IVR/TTS system will answer the call, prompt callers with options, and allow callers to either speak or touch tone their responses. Based upon the requests of callers, information is spoken to the caller through a combination of TTS and concatenated speech technologies. An Agency back-end system generates Voice eXtensible Markup Language (VXML) pages that are used by the contractor's Hosted IVR/TTS system to determine what to speak to callers and how to respond to spoken or touch tone replies. Changes to Agency's VXML pages, menu trees, and back-end systems that generate the VXML pages will not be part of this project. The Agency will provide a data feed via VXML files to the hosted system every two minutes. The IVR/TTS system will be hosted by the contractor. There will be no migration or conversion of existing data into the hosted system The Agency's 511/HAT system, the requested Services, and associated deliverables are further described in Attachment A Sample Contract, Attachment E Assessment of Current System, Attachment F Sample Test Plan, Attachment G Sample Implementation Plan. Proposers should carefully review these documents to gain a full understand of the Agency's 511/HAT system and expected services and deliverables to be provided under a resulting contract, if any.


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