Project Title: Judicial Foreclosure Guarantee Reports
Project #: RIP-224-2019
Issued by: Multnomah County view agency website
Publish Date: 6/26/2019
Due Date: 9/2/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE:There will not be a pre-proposal conference for this sourcing event.INTRODUCTIONMultnomah County (County) is seeking responses from licensed/qualified firms to provide Judicial Foreclosure Guarantee Reports so the County can issue the required notification to all interested parties of record, a year prior to taking title of foreclosed property. This requirement was legislated in 1987. The first few years, the County Division of Assessment, Taxation, and Recording (DART) did its own records search using a title company record system (referred to as a plant search). After performing this type of search for several years, it was determined that this was not exhaustive enough.SCOPE OF WORKUpon request by the County, proposer shall provide the standard form of Judicial Foreclosure Guarantee (Litigation Guarantee Report) on specified properties. Liability limits for the litigation guarantee shall be for the amount of the tax liability, not for the value of the property. Notwithstanding other provisions of this contract, proposers liability in connection with property titles shall be governed by the terms and provisions of the guarantees it issues to the County.The County orders approximately 120 litigation reports throughout the year. The majority of litigation reports (80-100) are requested mid March of each year to facilitate the County's annual foreclosure proceedings. Approximately 10-20 reports are ordered at other times, primarily during the months of November and December. The County, whenever possible, will provide a 3-4 week lead time for litigation guarantee reports requested in March, and requires that all reports are returned to the County no later than four (4) weeks from the date ordered. The County would prefer that the reports be provided via email as they become available (completed) instead of receiving the entire batched order all at once. Reports ordered at other times may have a shorter lead and turnaround time. All litigation reports must include a legal description and map, and encompass the details outlined in a standard litigation report. The reports should include but are not limited to the following items: Conditions and Stipulations; Guarantee for Judicial Foreclosure, Trustee's Sale, Statutory Land sale contract forfeiture, or Litigation language; Guarantee Number; Effective Date; Title Officer/Examiner; Liability Amount; Fee Amount; The Assured; The Encumbrance to be enforced; The estate of interest in the land which is covered by this Guarantee; Title of the estate or interest in the land is vested, as of the effective date; The land referred to in the policy is described as follows:(legal description) Provide all exceptions to the land covered by the name Guarantee; Provide copies of all documents referenced as exceptions in the title report; and Provide map of legal description location. METHOD OF AWARDThrough this Request for Intermediate Proposal (RIP) process, the County is seeking to award one (1) or more county services contract(s) anticipated to begin on or around October 1, 2019. The award(s), as determined by the County, will be made to proposer(s) who submits the highest scored proposal(s) over the required passing score of seventy percent (70%) on written proposal responses. The County does not guarantee that a proposer will be awarded a contract as a result of this RIP process. Multnomah County strongly encourages the participation of Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, and Emerging Small Businesses and Organizations in providing these services.ESTIMATED PURCHASESMultnomah County Division of Assessment, Recording, and Taxation has budgeted the appropriate amount for the Scope of Work and deliverables outlined in this RIP over the next five (5) years. The maximum value of all County contracts, combined, awarded from the RIP process shall not exceed $150,000. The County does not guarantee that any minimum of services will be purchased.METHOD OF CONTRACTINGAn example services contract is attached outlining the standard terms and conditions and can be located in the "Buyers Attachments" tab of this solicitation. Carefully review the terms and conditions of the contract. Additional terms and conditions, if any, are set out below in the section entitled "Term of Contract". The successful proposer(s) will enter into contract negotiations with the County prior to providing services.CONTRACT TERMFive (5) year contract(s) may be awarded at the end of this solicitation process.CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONSThe County will initiate contract negotiations with the responsive and responsible proposer(s) with the highest scoring proposal(s) above the minimum passing score of seventy percent (70%). The County may, at its option, elect to negotiate general contract terms and conditions, services, pricing, implementation schedules, and such other terms as the County determines are in the County's best interest. If negotiations fail to result in a contract for any awarded proposer, the County reserves the right to terminate contract negotiations and initiate contract negotiations with the next highest scoring responsible and responsive proposer, if any. This process may continue until a contract agreement is reached.Note, the County contract(s) awarded under this solicitation will incorporate the terms and conditions of this RIP as well as, the entire response provided by the successful proposer(s). Any terms negotiated that differ from those outlined in this RIP, the proposers response, the county services contract and any of its Exhibits and/or Attachments, will be specified in the special terms and conditions section of the final contract(s).INSURANCE REQUIREMENTSThe insurance requirements are set forth in Exhibit 2 of the Service Order Contract which can be located in the "Buyers Attachments" tab of this RIP. Please review these requirements carefully. At no time will the County consider a reduction or waiver of these insurance requirements.PRE-AWARD RISK ASSESSMENTSuccessful proposer(s) whose contract award includes federal funding (as identified by a Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number) will be subject to a pre-award risk assessment (which includes an evaluation of financial stability, quality of financial/management systems, experience with federal funds, reports, and findings from audits) completed by Multnomah County (if one has not been submitted in the last year) prior to the issuance of a contract. Proposers who fail to submit the required documents will not be eligible for a contract from the County.


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