Project Title: MCSO Inmate Hygiene Warehouse Stock Items
Project #: ITB-238-2019
Issued by: Multnomah County view agency website
Publish Date: 6/28/2019
Due Date: 7/30/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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There will not be a Pre-Bid Conference for this sourcing event. Multnomah County Sheriff's office warehouse is seeking a responsive, responsible supplier or suppliers to provide inventory items to maintain stock levels for personal hygiene items, supporting ongoing demands on an as needed basis. All bidders must submit samples of all items described in this Bid. See Section 3, Samples section below for instructions on how to submit. 1.  Specifications Item 1 - Applicator Free Digital Tampons  Regular size only. Tampons are to be free of fragrances, asbestos and chlorine. Order quantity is 40 per box. Item 2 - .5 oz. Bar Soap Must not contain ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) a synthetic foaming agent and Triclosan. Individually wrapped. No staples allowed in the shipping box. Order quantity is 1000 per Case. Item 3 – 66” x 90” Blanket Poly/Acrylic/Cotton Blend. Color: Tan or medium brown. Equivalent to Pantone PMS# 139. No other colors (including beige) will be allowed. No hem tape is allowed on the blanket or blanket edges. Blanket must have a finished sewn edge.  Blanket must have less than 20% shrinkage. The blankets will be wash and dry tested.  Must be flame resistant. Blanket must not melt when in contact with heat or flame source.  Order Quantity is 15 per Case. Item 4 - Hygiene Kits Provided to inmates for their personal hygiene needs. Kits are to be packaged in a transparent, 6” x 9” press and seal, plastic bag. Liquid items must be packaged separate from paper items, within the 6” x 9” bag.  Order quantity is 50 Kits per Case. Any kits received with missing items and/or leaking contents will be rejected. Each kit is to contain  the following items and all items must fit in the 6” x 9” bag: 1 ea.   8” x 5” Lined Notepaper Pad 50 pages per pad 100% recycled paper is preferred 2 ea.   4” x 9.5” Envelopes No window 100% recycled paper is preferred 1 ea.   Washable Ink Pen-Flexible Security Pen Bend EZ Blue ink only 1 ea.   1.5 fl oz. Roll-on Deodorant Should not include harmful ingredients such as: (i.e. Aluminum, Parabens, Propylene glycol, Phthalates, and Triclosan) Deodorant must not contain metal. 1 ea.    2 fl oz. Shampoo/Body Wash  No foil top allowed The liquid content are full and are actually supplied as container weight indicates Should not contain sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Triclosan, Potassium Sorbate, Retinyl Palmitate. 1 ea.   Pocket Comb Plastic Recycled materials is preferred 1 ea.   Security toothbrush (thumbprint handle) 1 ea.    .85 oz Toothpaste Must not contain ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) a synthetic foaming agent and Triclosan. 2.  Volume of Purchases Annual Estimates Product Line Item# on Bid Page    Description                                   U/M                Est. Monthly Usage/Est Annual Units P1.2                          Applicator Free Digital Tampons  ea                      840  /  10,000 P1.1                          Wrapped .5 oz. Bar Soap             ea                      6250   /   75,000 P1.4                          66" x 90" Blanket                          ea                      840   /   10,000 P1.3                         Hygiene Kits                                  ea                      8400   /   100,000 Digital Tampons - This is a new item last year, annual purchase - $5800.00 Bar Soap - $42,000.00 Blankets - $6,000.00 Hygiene Kits - $18,000.00 Total annual spend estimate is $72,000. The usage amounts are estimated and are not guaranteed. 3. Samples Samples are required of all items listed under Section 1. Specifications above. Samples are to be sent to: Att: Gwen Tyler, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office 2955 NE 172nd Place, Portland Oregon, 97230, and received by the closing date July 30, 2019. Shipping is the responsibility of the bidder. The County is not responsible for mis-delivered or lost submissions. All samples will be inspected to see if the bid items meet listed specifications (verifying, size, color, quantity, wash and dry tested where needed, flame test, as well as packaging review). The criteria for evaluation are listed in the Samples Checklist located in the Buyers Attachments of this sourcing event.   Any sample that does not pass the evaluation criteria of the Samples Checklist (Buyer Attachment) or the specifications will cause the bid to be rejected. Any samples received with missing items and/or leaking contents will be rejected. 4.  Orders and Deliveries and Returns Orders will be submitted by email to the awarded vendor by purchase orders. Expected delivery time frame vary per item as listed below: Digital Tampons - Delivery within 7 days Blankets - Delivery within 14 days Hygiene Kits - Delivery within 30 days Bar Soap - Delivery with 14 days. The Supplier will be responsible for the freight cost of returns for any shortages, or damaged goods 5.  Escalation or De-Escalation Prices will be subject to increase or decrease only in the same proportion as changes in the manufacturer’s published price list or other basis of change in the manufacturer’s pricing schedule. Multnomah County reserves the right to audit the vendor’s records relating to price changes. The County shall receive immediate benefit of price decreases resulting from promotional advertisements. Contractor shall promptly notify the County of the amount and effective date of each decrease. The Contractor shall provide to the County documentation supporting the price adjustment. The County shall determine what constitutes acceptable documentation. The Contractor shall update the approved price list and shall provide to County the most current approved price list and effective date. Multnomah County will accept only such price adjustments reflected in the approved price list.  6.  Price Adjustments All prices must be held firm for the first twelve (12) months of the contract. Any price increases to be implemented by Contractor shall be submitted to the County no less than forty-five (45) days prior to the proposed date of change. The County reserves the right to reject any price modifications that are unacceptable to the County. Contractor shall not be obligated to provide items when County rejects price adjustments. 7. Contract Award Award will be made to the lowest responsive, responsible Bidder or Bidders whose sample(s) meet the evaluation criteria listed in Samples Checklist in the Buyer Attachments. Bidders may bid on one line item or any combination of multiple line items. The award will be made on an individual line item based on lowest line item bid price. The delivery or furnishing of any of the Bid items cannot commence until a contract is properly executed.  8. Sustainable Considerations  Packaging should be: recycled and/or recyclable BPA free made without toxic chemicals biodegradable reusable no styrofoam/polystyrene Materials Used: As part of the County's commitment to toxic reduction; personal care items, whenever possible, should have the following certifications: EPA Safer Choice, Chlorine Free Products Association, Green Guard, Green Seal or Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free Certified.   9.  Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing Per Section 21 in the Procedural Instructions (Bids) in the Buyer Attachments Section, any contract resulting from this sourcing event may be available for use by other public agencies.  Potential suppliers are to download and complete ATTACHMENT C in the Buyer Attachments section. When completed, upload ATTACHMENT C to the Supplier Attachment section to indicate if they agree to extend pricing under any resulting contract from this sourcing event to other agencies. 10. Substitutions/Protest of Specifications Any substitution request or protest of specifications must be made in writing through the Q&A tool of this sourcing event at least 10 days prior to the closing date. Samples of substitutions may be requested prior to the closing date to allow review and if approved. Any substitution or change of specification request must be approved by the County prior to the closing date. 11.  Bid Documents All documents for this bid are available for view and download on the Buyer Attachments page of this Sourcing Event.  The Buyer Attachments page includes the following:  Procedural Instructions Sample Contract 12.  Bid Submissions Bids must be submitted electronically through this Sourcing Event.


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