Project Title: Assertive Engagement Co-Facilitator
Project #: RIP-8-2020
Issued by: Multnomah County view agency website
Publish Date: 7/5/2019
Due Date: 7/30/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE: There will not be a pre-proposal conference for this sourcing event. Introduction and Program History The Multnomah County Department of County Human Services (DCHS) Youth and Family Services Division (YFS) Assertive Engagement Initiative (AE) invites you to submit a proposal  to be considered for a contract to co-facilitate Assertive Engagement training sessions. The co-facilitator will help prepare the AE training materials, co-facilitate AE training sessions, and participate in post-training evaluations. The AE initiative at Multnomah County is a social service approach to working with people that honors them as the experts in their own lives. AE can apply holistically to participants, service providers, supervisors, agencies, and systems to help navigate relational power dynamics and to cultivate empathy within all types of interactions. The initiative aims to support and complement frameworks centered on equity, anti-oppression, and trauma informed care. The AE initiative is currently focused on agencies funded through Multnomah County Department of County Human Services (DCHS) Youth and Family Services Division (YFS), including anti-poverty, housing, SUN Service System, and domestic and sexual violence services, as well as the Joint Office of Homeless Services (JOHS). AE provides trainings, technical assistance, and policy analysis for partners and specific staff within DCHS and JOHS. The AE Initiative strives to honor the historic work of many agencies to build programs that are participant-centered, strength-based, trauma informed, and/or culturally specific. Goals and Values DCHS believes that our program participants, co-workers, and communities are inherently capable. Historically, social service systems have not focused on the strengths of those we work with. AE seeks to support person-centered models already in existence and to build new practices where they are needed. As part of Multnomah County’s Workforce Equity Initiative, the AE Initiative leads with race. “We lead with race with the recognition that the creation and perpetuation of racial inequities have been baked into American culture and our government, and that racial inequities across all indicators for success are deep and pervasive. We also know that other groups of people are still marginalized, including based on gender, sexual orientation, ability, and age, to name but a few. Knowing this helps us take a more intersectional approach, while always naming the role that race plays in people’s experiences and outcomes. Focusing on racial equity provides the opportunity to introduce a framework, tools, and resources that can also be applied to other areas of marginalization. This prioritization is not based on the intent to create a ranking of oppressions (i.e. a belief that racism is “worse” than other forms of oppression), but rather to create strategies that will impact all communities. Leading with race is important because: To have maximum impact, focus and specificity are necessary. Strategies to achieve racial equity differ from those to achieve equity in other areas. “One-size-fits all” strategies are rarely successful. A racial equity framework that is clear about the differences between individual, institutional and structural racism, as well as the history and current reality of inequities, has applications for other marginalized groups. Race can be an issue that keeps other marginalized communities from effectively coming together. An approach that recognizes the interconnected ways in which marginalization takes place will help to achieve greater unity across communities. It is critical to address all areas of marginalization, and an institutional approach is necessary across the board. As local and regional government deepens its ability to eliminate racial inequity, it will be better equipped to transform systems and institutions impacting other marginalized groups.” (From: SCOPE OF WORK YFS AE initiative is seeking to contract with a minimum of one (1) and up to three (3) individuals, organizations, or agencies to provide staff to assist the AE Initiative Coordinator with the planning and facilitation of identified AE training sessions and other identified activities.  The AE initiative provides one-day training sessions for lead staff, supervisors, and managers; three-day AE 101 training; and a one-day AE refresher training. These training sessions are held at various locations in the community and are designed for Multnomah County DCHS and JOHS staff and County contracted providers who are required or encouraged to provide AE services. The expectation is that the successful individuals, organizations, or agencies are able to dedicate a minimum of 200 hours and up to 275 hours each year toward the planning, curriculum development, evaluation, and facilitation of AE training sessions. The minimum number of hours will be negotiated based on the total number of contracts awarded.   The scope of work includes the following: 1. Co-facilitate AE 101, AE Refresher, and AE Supervisor and Manager training sessions with the AE Initiative Coordinator and other AE trainers 2. Participate in pre training planning meetings and post training assessments 3. Support the AE Coordinator with researching best practices to evaluate and revise training curriculum and developing a fidelity scale 4. Assist in compiling the end of year AE reporting for budget and policy reports A tentative training schedule for FY20 is attached as Buyer Attachment A, this is subject to change and has been included to provide basic information of the time requirements. METHOD OF AWARD  The County will award a minimum of one (1) and up to three (3) contracts as a result of this Sourcing Event  ESTIMATED PURCHASES  The anticipated maximum amount of funding for this project is $125,000 over the next five (5) years. The anticipated annual total award amount is estimated to be approximately $15,000 - $25,000 per year. The County does not guarantee that any minimum amount of services will be purchased.  METHOD OF CONTRACTING  A Service Order Contract form is provided in the Buyer Attachments page showing the standard terms and conditions. Carefully review the terms and conditions of the Contract. Additional Contract terms related to this procurement, if any, are set out below in the section entitled Term of Contract.  TERM OF CONTRACT  The anticipated contract period for this service is July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2024.  INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS  Multnomah County standard insurance requirements are set forth in Exhibit 2 of the Services Contract located in the Buyer Attachments page. Please review these requirements carefully. Specific insurance requirements may be adjusted at the time of contract negotiation depending on the final scope of services. Specific insurance requirements may be negotiated at the time of Contracting.  PRE-AWARD RISK ASSESSMENT  Successful proposers whose contract award includes federal funding (as identified by a Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number) will be subject to a Pre-Award Risk Assessment (which includes an evaluation of financial stability, quality of financial /management systems, experience with federal funds, reports and findings from audits) completed by Multnomah County (if one has not been submitted in the last year) prior to the issuance of a contract. Contractors who fail to submit the required documents will not be eligible for a contract from the County. 


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