Project #: 730-33769-19
Issued by: Oregon Department of Transportation view agency website
Publish Date: 7/31/2019
Due Date: 9/5/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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The State of Oregon, acting by and through the Department of Transportation, ("Agency"), is issuing this Request for Proposal for an innovative solution to design and implement a security camera system, for Agency's Facilities Services Branch, headquartered in Salem Oregon. The Facilities Services Branch provides maintenance and construction services to Agency-owned and occupied structures and properties. Agency facilities are office buildings, rest areas, DMV locations, communication sites, employee-occupied housing, maintenance locations, and many other types of structures located throughout the state of Oregon. The Safety & Security Council reviewed an audit of ODOT facilities and provided recommendations. ODOT Facilities branch, in response to these recommendations, is hardening buildings by installing duress systems, level 3 fortifications, and security camera systems. The intent of this RFP is to enter into a Price Agreement to procure vendor services to design and implement a Video Management Software ("VMS") solution for ODOT facility locations to increase safety and security of ODOT customers and employees. ODOT may choose to purchase camera hardware under the Price Agreement. Agency is seeking innovative system solutions. Key features of the system are as follows: - A VMS for managing all ODOT facility cameras from a single on-line application o Facilities Branch managed access (i.e. local facilities manager can view cameras in their facilities, regional manager can view all facilities within their region, state facilities management can view all facilities, law enforcement granted access to a facility as needed). o The VMS must have a single login for the user to access all cameras within the user's security permissions. o The VMS must allow for live viewing of cameras and for playback of recorded footage - Standardized storage and playback equipment compatible with the VMS to allow a single, open-platform solution, but flexible enough to allow multiple manufacturer solutions. - High-resolution for direct connect use (live feed and storage) - Due to bandwidth limitations, System must manage video resolution for remote viewer. o System must provide high-resolution capability for live viewing for a remote viewer. o System needs to provide a range of low-high resolution viewing for multiple camera monitoring. The data to be used by the system in this project is Level 2 data. (See Attachment K - Information Asset Classification Definitions). In order to minimize risk and cost, Proposers must meet the ODOT Enterprise Technology Infrastructure Standards (Attachment J) or must document any deviations to the standards. The Proposal must include Proposer's system standard technical architectural visual diagram. The business objectives of this project is to provide a surveillance system that protects ODOT assets by: - Provide local access to ODOT facilities camera feeds with minimal lag for monitoring real time activities; - Provide Agency and non-agency remote access to ODOT facilities camera feeds; - Provide Agency and non-agency secure access to review video files for use in investigations; - Provide data collection, analytics & notification; - Provide an accurate and accessible audit trail; The technical objectives of the project are as follows: - Compatible with Agency's current technical environment (hosted onsite or cloud-based); - Protect the Level 2 data to State standards (see Attachment K) ; - A flexible system leveraging changes in technology; - Managed access - Retention of video files for 30 days Agency anticipates having the Price Agreement in place by October 2019. Additional information about the Scope of Services are included in section 2.4 "Scope of Work." The initial term of the Price Agreement is anticipated to be 5 years with options to renew up to a cumulative maximum of 10 years for support and maintenance.


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