Project #: 291-6607-19
Issued by: Oregon Department of Corrections
Publish Date: 8/12/2019
Due Date: 8/27/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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ALL BIDDING INSTRUCTIONS, SPECIFICATIONS, AND ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY, CAN BE FOUND IN THE MANDATORY INVITATION TO BID (ITB). THE ITB AND E-BIDDING GUIDE CAN BE DOWNLOADED UNDER THE ABOVE FILE FOLDER ICON TITLED "ATTACHMENTS EXIST". E-MAIL BIDS MUST BE SUBMITTED ON THE ATTACHED MANDATORY ITB DOCUMENT TITLED "X-Ray Scanner" AS INDICATED IN SECTION 4.3.1, "BID SUBMITTAL AND FORMAT". ***************************************************************************************** FOR ELECTRONIC BIDS ONLY - ALL BLANK AREAS FOR EACH LINE ITEM BID UPON MUST BE FILLED OUT AS REQUESTED. BIDS THAT DO NOT INCLUDE THE REQUESTED INFORMATION MAY BE REJECTED AND CONSIDERED AS NON-RESPONSIVE AND NOT CONSIDERED FOR THE AWARD PROCESS ***************************************************************************************** This Opportunity allows Bidders to enter secure online electronic Bid responses. In order to enter electronic Bid responses, suppliers must register in the ORPIN system and select "Electronic Bidding" when choosing a subscription. Bidders must be certified (authenticated) with the state as an eBid supplier. If you need help with E-Bidding or the ORPIN system you should call the ORPIN help desk at 503-373-1774. E-Bidding instructions are attached. Signature on a Bid or E-bidding by Bidder certifies that the Bidder has read and fully understands all bid specifications, Special and Standard Terms and Conditions. No consideration will be given to any claim resulting from bidding without comprehending all requirements of the ITB. Point of Contact is Tamera Bowser at or by phone 541.922.6161


Contact Tamera A Bowser at 1 (541) 922-6161

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