Project Title: RFQ 3726 Pre-Bundled Firewood
Project #: RFQ 3726
Issued by: Metro view agency website
Publish Date: 8/14/2019
Due Date: 9/5/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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Metro is requesting quotes for pre-bundled firewood. Expectations - Provide seasoned cut, split and pre-bundled Douglas Fir firewood to Oxbow Regional Park located at 3010 SE Oxbow Parkway, Gresham, Oregon. - Firewood shall be from the Pacific NW so it will not introduce non-native insects or diseases to the park. - Firewood to be dry, seasoned and ready to burn. - The desired type of wood is Douglas Fire. Please submit additional types of wood available for possible alternative consideration. - Wood to be delivered and stacked in wood sheds in a manner so that they will not fall. Sheds are located at the 3010 SE Oxbow Parkway address noted above. Sheds are easily accessible and open on one side. If bundles are delivered on pallets, park staff will assist with unloading pallets with park equipment and placing in sheds. - Orders will be approximately 1500 bundles with two (2) or three (3) orders per year. - Bids should reflect the firewood's cost per bundle delivered and stacked in the sheds provided. - The delivery time to Oxbow Regional Park once an order is submitted should be no longer than 14 business days unless prior arrangements are made with the manager. Please see RFQ for details.


Contact Kim Bardes at 1 (503) 797-1613

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