Project Title: DNS/DHCP/IPAM Replacement
Project #: RIP-62-2020
Issued by: Multnomah County view agency website
Publish Date: 10/5/2019
Due Date: 10/18/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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This is a Request for Intermediate Proposals (RIP) used when County expenditure will be less than $150,000 for the initial term of the resulting contract. PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE: There will not be a pre-proposal conference for this sourcing event. INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND: Multnomah County is inviting proposals from qualified suppliers to deliver a comprehensive solution, with pricing, to replace its current IP Address Management (IPAM), DNS and DHCP system. The proposed solution will include the processes and workflow to manage the solution. In this document, DDI will refer to the integration of IPAM, DNS and DHCP management, and will be considered one unified solution. CURRENT SERVICES/SOLUTION: Multnomah County uses a commercial software product for DDI. Two core ISC DHCP server clusters are configured in a failover configuration. Authoritative external DNS runs on two BIND servers, set up as primary and secondary. Internal authoritative DNS runs on Microsoft Active Directory controllers. MULTNOMAH COUNTY TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT Not applicable to this sourcing event.  FUNDING Adequate funding has been budgeted for the purchase of these services. SOLUTION REQUIREMENTS/SCOPE OF WORK Multnomah County wishes to replace the current solution with a commercial offering, with a primary emphasis on IP, DNS, and DHCP management. A bidder that also offers DNS and DHCP servers, as options, is preferred. Multnomah County prefers solutions delivered as virtual appliances. If assumptions regarding the current environment are made, proposers should indicate these assumptions in the proposal. Proposers should also disclose within their offer any elements of their design/specifications that aren’t conducive to changing designs in the future. (i.e. should Multnomah County decide to change or expand the DDI solution, what elements prohibit future change or expansion). Multnomah County has identified the following requirements: IPv4/IPv6 address management a. Ability to distinguish between authoritative (PTR) use and 3rd party IP addresses. Current vendor groups them all together. b. Ability to periodically validate address use. (reconciliation) c. VRF and VLAN tracking d. No limitations on CIDR size (supports /30, /31, /32 for IPv4, /127 /128 for IPv6, among others) e. ARP table and MAC address tracking (based on periodic polling) f. Facility for “find next 8 /24 subnets”, or similar ability. g. Integrated with authoritative DNS so PTR/A records are kept in sync. Mixed vendor DNS management a. Internal authoritative zones are on MS AD DNS; External on vendor implemented BIND. b. Authoritative zones management on multiple hosted providers (Route53, Azure, NS1, …) c. Support for Route53 apex alias records is desired. d. CNAME creation to non-authoritative records (3rd party hosts). DHCP management a. Maintain high availability; currently vendor implemented ISC DHCPd, as a cluster of 2 failover pairs (automatic subnet allocation balancing between each pair, no scope splitting required). b. Service flexibility; MS DHCP, ISC dhcpd, Kea, etc. c. Administrator workflow to request or edit reservations, including verification of current published record. d. Logging and monitoring (lease activity, including reservations, scope utilization, etc). e. Migration tools to import scope settings and reservations to new DHCP instances. Overall management,  reporting, and monitoring. a. REST API. b. Reporting capabilities on typical metrics, with CSV and PDF output. Scheduled is a plus. c. Ability to schedule actions (publish updated DNS records, for example). Ideally this would be discrete, such as “at 8 AM PST, change the A record of”. d. Query across the database and perform action on result set (update DNS records with TTL of 300 seconds back to 1 hour, for example). e. Template based deployments, such as zone files, DHCP scopes, etc. This includes the ability to later update a template and apply the change to all linked objects. f. Either manage monitoring settings of servers, or natively report on service metrics (queries, health). g. Domain registration tracking, based on public whois. h. Arbitrary tag creation and marking of records, with the ability to search and report on the tag field. PRE-AWARD RISK ASSESSMENT Successful proposers whose contract award includes federal funding (as identified by a Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number) will be subject to a PreAward Risk Assessment (which includes an evaluation of financial stability, quality of financial /management systems, experience with federal funds, reports and findings from audits) completed by Multnomah County (if one has not been submitted in the last year) prior to the issuance of a contract. Contractors who fail to submit the required documents will not be eligible for a contract from the County. MINIMUM PROPOSAL SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS Timely submission of responsive, responsible offers is the only minimum requirement for this sourcing event. FISCAL REQUIREMENTS AND REPORTING Not applicable to this sourcing event. PERFORMANCE MEASURES/PERFORMANCE CONTRACTING Not applicable to this sourcing event CONTRACT NEGOTIATION The County will initiate contract negotiations with the responsive and responsible Supplier with the highest scoring proposal. Multnomah County may, at its option, elect to negotiate general contract terms and conditions, services, pricing, implementation schedules, and such other terms as the County determines are in the County’s best interest. If negotiations fail to result in a contract, the County reserves the right to terminate the negotiations and initiate contract negotiations with the next highest scoring responsive and responsible Supplier. This process may continue until a contract agreement is reached.  Multnomah County reserves the right to score the acceptance of its standard contract terms and conditions as a part of this sourcing event. CONTRACT AWARD County is seeking to award one contract through this sourcing event.  Award, as determined by the County, will be made to the responsible Supplier whose Proposal the County determines is most advantageous to the County based on the evaluation process and evaluation factors described in this sourcing event.  Multnomah County strongly encourages the participation of Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, and Emerging Small Businesses and Organizations in providing these services. CONTRACT TERM The contract term will be negotiated at time of contract award and will be dependent upon the product and/or services provided. The Negotiated contract term will be in compliance with all public procurement laws and Multnomah County PCRB public contracting rules. COMPENSATION AND METHOD OF PAYMENT Compensation method for implementation services and hardware: deliverables-based payments upon acceptance with a not to exceed cap. Compensation method for ongoing services, software maintenance and support or subscriptions, etc. will be subject to negotiation once the County has selected a Supplier. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS The Supplier awarded a Contract as a result of this sourcing event will be required to provide at a minimum the insurance outlined in the table below. The type of insurance required will depend on the type of services and or products provided under the contract which will be negotiated during the contract process. Type of Insurance   Per Occurrence   Aggregate  Professional Liability   $1,000,000   $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability    $1,000,000   $2,000,000 Cyber Liability    $5,000,000   $10,000,000 Workers Compensation    Required MULTI-STAGE SOURCING EVENT SUMMARY Multnomah County will follow a multi-stage sourcing event that incorporates the following potential steps in the Multco Marketplace Supplier Portal: Autoscored Supplier Qualification based on Solution Requirements Scripted Remote Demo Autoscored Written Proposal Panel Questionnaire Written Proposal Oral Evaluation Pricing Evaluation Best and Final Offer (BAFO) The purpose of a multistage process is to identify and adjust the competitive range between proposed solutions based on the evaluation of each stage with the goal of identifying the most advantageous solution at the conclusion of the process.  The first stage for this Sourcing Event will be an Autoscored Supplier Qualification based on Solution Requirements.  The follow-on stages will be determined based on the results of the first stage. Multnomah County reserves its right, at its sole discretion, to modify, adjust, re-order, repeat, re-schedule or cancel individual steps by written notification to all affected parties.  Multnomah County may, at its sole discretion, make an award at such time as the most advantageous solution for the County has been identified through this competitive process. EVALUATION PROCESS AND CRITERIA Proposed solutions will be evaluated using a combination of auto-scoring and scoring by an evaluation panel depending on the stage.  Scores of each stage will be added together for a total score for all stages excluding BAFO.  If the County uses an optional BAFO process, prior scores will be considered but a new score will be determined based on evaluation of Best and Final Offers. Multnomah County is seeking a solution and/or services that meets or exceeds its identified requirements based on the judgment of the evaluators and the score of the supplier’s offer determined by this process, at a cost that is deemed by evaluators to be reasonable, responsible and optimal for purchase with public dollars. DETERMINATION OF COMPETITIVE RANGE Multnomah County will determine Competitive Range based on a natural break in scores for those proposers that are determined to be closely competitive and have a reasonable chance to be the Most Advantageous Proposer.  At the conclusion of each stage, all proposers will be receive notification of which Proposers have been determined to comprise Competitive Range.  Proposers determined to be within the Competitive Range will continue to the next stage.      


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