Project Title: Facilities Capital Planning and Project Management Technology Solution Assessment
Project #: RIP-67-2020
Issued by: Multnomah County view agency website
Publish Date: 11/11/2019
Due Date: 12/13/2019 This opportunity has closed.

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Technology Solution Assessment – Intermediate, Multi-Step Process Multnomah County is gathering information and exploring Facilities Capital Planning and Project Management technology solutions with suppliers already providing solutions to the County procured either via prior competitive sourcing event or under a government cooperative agreement.   This is not an open,  competitive sourcing event and no determination will be made by rank or score but by the assessment of which solution that is available from existing suppliers, if any, best meet the County’s business and technical requirements.   Scores will be informational in nature to assist the County in making a decision.  Multnomah County IT Purchasing uses the MultcoMarketplace to track and store technology solution assessments as the County’s system of record. The five solutions under consideration are: Novulo's ServiceNow SmartSheet's Control Center IBM's Tririga Oracle's Primavera PMWeb As procurement authority already exists for the County to make a selection via existing agreements, the County may make its determination at any time in this process.  If this assessment does not identify a solution that meets the County’s needs, other suppliers with existing cooperative agreements in place for government jurisdictions may be considered, or an open, competitive sourcing event may be released to expand the field of suppliers. BACKGROUND AND SOLUTION REQUIREMENTS Facilities and Project Management currently use a variety of tools to manage county 5-year capital planning and capital construction projects. This project is to identify and implement a software solution to meet the needed functionality. The solution would ideally be limited to one application or a small suite of applications that can meet the following requirements: Ability for outside entities to access the system Ability to create/maintain funds and source of funds Ability to track Fund number associated to project Ability to apply multiple funding sources to a project Ability to assign funds to a specific building Each building has only one fund. Each fund can apply to more than one building Ability to report on each project within a fiscal year and for the life of each project. Ability to customize the format/number of Projects Ability to customize the format/number of Project tasks Ability to set the fiscal year Ability to create project budget to actuals for both fiscal year & the life of the project Ability to track project budget actuals for both fiscal year & the life of the project Ability to perform budget projections with versioning. Includes: Original Budget, Current Budget, Committed Budget, Spend to Date, Contingency $, & Projected Budget Ability to track the project cash flow, all project cost expenditures Ability for users to submit a project request Ability to auto-populate the assigned fund when building number selected when creating a project request Ability to track the determination of a project request - Non-capital, Included, Rejected, etc Ability to apply a scoring system to project requests Ability to create a 5-year plan for each fund & each fund for each year & all funds Ability to create 5 year capital project plan/schedule:  see all years & move projects through various years and calculating sums (from budget) as projects move in and out of the years Ability to add appointments onto the Google calendar from the project task Ability to create a calendar with project tasks for each project Ability to create Change Requests Ability to generate customized workflow to track the progress of Change Requests through the approval process Ability to ‘bundle’ Change Requests - linked with a Change Order number from a separate system Ability to report on Change Requests for a project Ability to maintain contact information, including name, title, email, phone, role associated with a project (including the project manager assigned) Ability to maintain contacts, indicating those no longer active Ability to create/maintain contact Notes/Comments field Ability to convert all project data with activity in the current fiscal year (active and closed) into the system - this is a minimum. Ability to convert project related documentation into the system Ability to track KPIs for each project Ability to track KPIs for a portfolio of projects Ability to schedule automated backups of data Ability to request a restore of backup data Ability to retain project documentation for at least 10 years Ability to create document ‘types’ so security can be locked down by document ’type’ Ability to create shared general document area for commonly used reference documents such as templates,  ADA requirements, RACC, etc Ability to create/maintain project information/documents from multiple sources, including Google emails, documents, & sheets Ability to upload & download documents in multiple mediums for sharing. Ability to apply version control to documents - for uploads Ability to integrate with Workday to pull project cost expenditures Ability to integrate with Tririga to pull building data management Ability to integrate with Google to add calendar items from project tasks Ability to generate output that can be viewed and edited in Bluebeam. Ability to generate standard logging of changes to the system - date, change, user, etc Examples of logs:  Decisions, Issues/Risks Ability to create & customize logs - add fields, edit labels, etc Ability to access the application via mobile devices: iPhone, Android, etc Ability for users to create RFIs & Submittals in the system Ability to process RFIs & Submittals using customized workflows Ability to track RFIs & Submittals in system Ability to generate standard reports for both projects and portfolios of projects Ability to create & customize reports for both projects and portfolios of projects Ability to run reports on demand Ability to schedule generation of reports Ability to obtain the report output in multiple formats (xls, pdf, Word, etc) Ability to distribute schedule generated reports from the system Ability to create project status reports from data entered into the system including a color status indicator Ability to create portfolio status reports including all the projects status Examples of some needed reports: Cost by building, 5 year Capital plan report, project status Ability to create/customize form type reports to use as a submission to create a request for contract Ability to create a schedule & Gantt chart Ability to baseline schedule & Gantt chart Ability to compare baseline to revised schedule & Gantt chart Ability to create versions of a schedule Ability to track schedule progress Ability to apply security based on roles Ability to have Administrative role applied to the County Ability to create & customize security roles for internal and external users: Lock down specific areas & documents for external users Lock down who can assign funds, projects, resources, lock project activity until released Ability to Lock down access to specific areas and functionality for external users Ability to administer security for internal  & external users Roles Logins/passwords Ability to implement single sign-on for internal user authentication Ability to create/customize workflows for: Change Requests, RFIs, Submittals, Internal increase in a budget request CONFIDENTIALITY Multnomah County is required to disclose non-exempt public documents pursuant to ORS 192.410-192.505). ORS 192.502(4) exempts the County from disclosing information submitted in response to a sourcing event where the information is such that it “should reasonably be considered confidential.” A respondent who determines that information within a response meets the statutory requirement and desires that such information remain confidential shall mark the bottom of the pages containing such information with the word “CONFIDENTIAL.” If a respondent marks every page of a response as “CONFIDENTIAL”, the statutory requirement is not met; any response so marked will not be deemed to have been submitted in confidence, and upon request, the entire response will be disclosed. The County will keep properly marked information confidential unless ordered to release the information and materials by the District Attorney pursuant to ORS 192.460. SUBMITTED MATERIALS PROPERTY OF COUNTY All materials submitted for any portion of this Technology Solution Assessment shall become the property of the County, and will not be returned to respondents. SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS Response must be submitted electronically through this Sourcing Event.  CLARIFICATION Multnomah County uses the Q & A Board for all incoming and outgoing clarification requests.  Suppliers must use the Q & A Board to submit requests for clarification of the process. MULTI-STEP PROCESS The County may use any of the following steps in this process: Autoscored solution requirements. Panel Questionnaire proposal including budgetary cost proposals. Scripted remote demo and oral presentation. The County reserves the right to re-order the steps, repeat any steps as may be necessary, and to exclude any step which may not contribute to the County’s determination. The first step of this Technology Solution Assessment will be a Panel Questionnaire proposal.  Once submissions are reviewed, the next step will be determined if the County elects to continue the process further.


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