ORCPP Notice Working... Notice ORCPP Notice ORCPP Bid/RFP ITB 3761 Locksmith On-Call Services (Prod) Only Manual Bids Allowed Issued By Metro (ORCPP) 600 NE Grand Avenue Portland, Oregon 97232 Contact Kim Bardes Phone 1 (503) 797-1613 Fax Email bidsandproposals@oregonmetro.gov Notice # ITB 3761 Publish Date & Time 11/13/2019 3:08 PM Closing Date & Time 12/04/2019 2:00 PM Time Zone Pacific Time Approx. Time Remaining All dates are mm/dd/yyyy Attachments Exist Documents for Purchase Do Not Exist Issued For Finance & Regulatory Services 600 NE Grand Avenue Portland, Oregon 97232 Notice Summary Metro is requesting sealed bids for on-call locksmith services, repair and replacement of various locks for Metro and Metro Venues. Services would include, but are not limited to fabricate or cut spare keys for a variety of locks, reset safe combination locks, supply lockboxes, pad locks or other lock items, perform other locksmith related services (i.e. open locked vehicles) as requested, repair or replacement of damaged or broken locks, produce functioning spare lock keys, provide lock related items for purchase, change safe combination lock numbers, respond to service requests within one (1) day or within two (2) hours in emergency type of situations, and provide other necessary locksmith services as requested. Please see the attached ITB for details Delivery Requirements Payment Terms Net 30 FOB (Not Applicable) Manual & Electronic response must express an interest. Manual response must 1st DOWNLOAD the document. Electronic Response [if allowed] - must express interest; select Respond Online & complete response. Instructions can be found in the HELP screens Control Number: 2094627 Master File: