Information Posting Working... Notice Information Posting Free Marketing Workshop - Social Media and Website Strategy (Prod) Only Manual Bids Allowed Issued By Metro (ORCPP) 600 NE Grand AVE Portland, Oregon 97232 Contact Riko Tannenbaum Phone 1 (503) 797-1615 Fax Email Notice # WORKSHOP26 Publish Date & Time 01/08/2020 9:23 AM Closing Date & Time 02/13/2020 12:00 PM Time Zone Pacific Time Approx. Time Remaining All dates are mm/dd/yyyy Attachments Exist Documents for Purchase Do Not Exist Issued For Metro (ORCPP) 600 NE Grand AVE Portland, Oregon 97232 Notice Summary Free Brown bag Marketing Workshop: Small Business Success: Making Content that Sing - Social media and website strategy When: February 13, 2020 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm Where: Metro: 600 NE Grand Ave. Portland OR Room 501 Presenter: Mazarine Treyz, CEO, Wild Social Media LLC Registration necessary! Please register here: Are you a small, minority owned or woman owned business? Are you wondering how to draw your ideal customer to you? You need to show that you can do incredible work! What will make your ideal customer say, "I want to be one of your success stories?" Let's talk about how to show people, right on the front page of your website, that you can do the job. What should you put on your website and social media to show them you rock? Come to this workshop and learn! - What you offer and who comes to your site - What your ideal customer and referral partner looks like - How to ask for testimonials and create a good testimonial in writing and in video - Before and after shots - What makes a good video edit - How to highlight your success stories in email and social media - They like you! Now, deciding your call to action Each person who comes to this workshop will walk away with an idea of how to ask for testimonials, how to showcase success stories, and a worksheet with 3 ways to change their website or social media presence to reflect what they do best-and draw more people to you! This training is open to COBID certified firms and those eligible for COBID certification only Delivery Requirements Payment Terms Net 30 FOB (Not Applicable) Manual & Electronic response must express an interest. Manual response must 1st DOWNLOAD the document. Electronic Response [if allowed] - must express interest; select Respond Online & complete response. Instructions can be found in the HELP screens Control Number: 2108696 Master File: