Project Title: Power Distribution System Services and Materials
Project #: ITB-87-2020
Issued by: Multnomah County view agency website
Publish Date: 1/18/2020
Due Date: 3/5/2020 This opportunity has closed.

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POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM SERVICES AND MAINTENANCE – ON-CALL SERVICES PRE-BID CONFERENCE A pre-bid conference will not be held for this bid. All questions in regards to the Sourcing Event must be submitted through the Q & A board. STATEMENT OF WORK and OTHER TERMS     SPECIFICATIONS AND ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS The County is seeking a Contractor to provide electrical distribution/electrical switchgear, electrical panels, buss duct parts, transfer switches, electrical control devices, direct manufacture service, start-up, design, repair and emergency responses at County Facilities on a time and materials basis.  The work to be performed under this contract shall include, but not be limited to the following: Traditional engineering and advanced analysis OEM equipment sales and system upgrades Start-up, Training and Commissioning Services Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Services Maintenance and Emergency Services Other related services. For complete description of scope of work and specification, please review Attachment 1 – Specifications and Additional Requirements in Buyers attachments. Please review Exhibits 9 and 10 of the Sample Contract, Multnomah County Public Works Agreement, Records Check Authorization and Correctional Facility Work Rules.  Any Contractor performing work in designated County Corrections facilities must have a completed and approved Records Check Authorization for each worker prior to starting any work. BID DOCUMENTS All documents for this bid, contract terms and conditions are available for view and download on the Buyer Attachments page of this Sourcing Event.  The Buyer Attachments page includes the following:  MMP Supplier Guide Procedural Instructions - This includes "Instructions for Bidders" and Contract Award Procedures Attachment 1 - Specifications and Additional Requirements Attachment 2 - Work Sheet Attachment 3 - Cooperative Purchasing Vendor Agreement Sample Contract RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICE Contractor shall utilize and encourage the use of energy efficient appliances. Contractor shall plan for route optimization in providing services. Contractor shall make a reasonable effort to include diverse suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors in the conduct of your business and supply chain. SERVICE PERIOD Services will be for a five-year period of time. BID BOND A Bid Bond will not be required for this solicitation.  PERFORMANCE AND PAYMENT BONDS  Performance and payment bonds will not be required for this contract.  COOPERATIVE PURCHASING  Other public agencies may establish contracts or price agreements directly with the awarded contractor under the terms, conditions and prices of the original contract; pursuant to ORS 279A.215 and agreement by the selected Contractor to extend the terms, conditions and prices of the original contract. Proposer must sign and return Attachment 3 - Cooperative Purchasing Vendor Agreement located in the Buyer Attachments section of this sourcing event. BID SUBMISSION Bids must be submitted electronically through this Sourcing Event.   Attachment 2 - Work Sheet must be completed and uploaded as an attachment to Question 2.1. Total amount for each line item from Attachment 2 Work Sheet entered in the Service Line Items Section. When completed, upload as a Supplier Attachment.  Transfer the amounts on the Work Sheet to enter as the bid amounts for Service Line items S1.1 through S6.1. Include list of manufacturer OEM systems  Attachment 3 - Cooperative Purchasing Vendor Agreement must be completed and uploaded as an attachment to Question 2.2. CONTRACT AWARD As a result of this sourcing event process, Multnomah County intends to offer County Contracts on a requirements basis to up to five (5) of the lowest bidders who meet minimum requirements per section. Bidders are invited to provide bids on any or all sections (S1.1 through S6.1).  Bidders must bid on ALL lines in one section to be considered for award in that section of work. Multiple contractors may be selected to perform work on a project deemed cost effective by County.


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